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Happy New Year from Mexicali!

The smoky Mexicali border road

The smoky Mexicali border road

We hope it was a very Happy New Year for all our readers. We had a Happy New Year, too – Jim and I stayed home – safe and sound – from all the firecrackers and bombs going off. It sounded like “shock and awe” in Baghdad. For Mexicali, however, it was all in fun, and we are sure the folks outside were having a rip-roaring time.

In Mexico, there are many traditions for New Year’s. One has to do with what color of underwear you wear as the New Year begins. Red brings luck, yellow is supposed to bring work, and green is supposed to bring money. White will bring good health. Best of all is to wear underwear bearing the Mexican flag, which has all of these colors!

It is a New Year’s tradition to eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes midnight, making sure to eat each grape as you make a new wish for the New Year. If you are hoping for a future trip or travels in the New Year, you had better take your empty luggage for a walk around the block for good luck.

You should start out the New Year with a clean house – even take a bath on New Year’s Eve. It won’t hurt to wash your cars, and even pets, to start the New Year fresh and clean. Sweep out the dust from your front door for a great New Year.

The fireworks started around 10:00pm and didn’t let up until well after midnight. I guess there were public fireworks, but the neighbors were the ones really blasting the New Year in with their own private street festival.

From our bedroom window, we could see the flashes of light and hear the whistle of rockets soaring into the air. We hoped nothing landed on our house. Of course, here, the houses are made of solid concrete and are completely safe from fire (unlike some houses in the States, which are made with wood chips and paper).

This morning, we were surprised to see that it was all smoky inside the house. Jim noticed it first, as he is an early riser.

Outside, it was even smokier – and Jim was out in no time to take some photos. He went over to the border fence, and got a good shot of cars coming through the smoke with their headlights on.

Aside from just very few cars, the streets of Mexicali were silent and pretty well deserted. Our neighbor, two houses down, had a front yard full of beer cans and spent fireworks. His house was quiet – and even his maid, who usually cleans the front patio was no where to be seen. They will all wake up to a Great New Year!

Happy New Year!!!  Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

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