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Seven Spanish-speaking countries celebrate independence from Spain in September

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Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Seven Spanish-speaking countries celebrate independence from Spain between September 15 to 18.

Let’s celebrate along with them by giving you the freedom that speaking Spanish brings to your life. Here is a special “Independence in Spanish” offer for you:

Independence in Spain.

While Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Chile and Nicaragua celebrate their independencia, you too can celebrate alongside them.

Speaking Spanish brings amazing independence to your life.

Freedom to visit new places.

To build lifelong friendships.

To initiate spontaneous natural conversations.

To experience the world in new ways.

Your mind opens in ways that make you feel energized and more alive than ever.

You experience connections with your fellow man that make your life sparkle.

You meet people that you never could have met without Spanish.

And if you’re like me, meeting those wonderful people could change your life and your worldview forever.

The first step has never been easier. Just check on the banner to your left—Synergy Spanish.


Marcus Santamaria & family

Marcus Santamaria & Family

2 comments to Seven Spanish-speaking countries celebrate independence from Spain in September

  • Dave:
    Yes, as soon as you cross the border into Mexico, you will see a Chinese pagoda. That is a great place to meet and there is parking in the area.
    God Bless,

  • Dave

    We will be traveling into Mexicali with two cars…my question, is there a place to meet up just across the border so as not to get separated?

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