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Cheap and Affordable Living…

The street we live on

The street we live on

Hello from Mexicali, Mexico!  Jim and I are California retirees, living on our social security checks. We have been waiting for this day to come, and we figured that our only choice of a comfortable retirement had to be in Mexico. There had to be certain qualifications to our search for a place to retire:

  • It had to be a city close to the US Border, without the expense of moving far down into Mexico,
  • it had to have good medical care, easy access to it,
  • no freezing weather, and most of all…we could survive comfortably, and not be poor all at the same time.

We searched every border town in Mexico, and bingo! we found it all in Mexicali, the capital city of Baja California.  Before I go on, let me tell a little about Mexicali, Mexico.  Mexicali was founded in 1903, it’s right on the US-Mexican Border, the California town sitting north is Calexico.

To the east, lies Arizona (US), and Sonora (Mexico), to the south is Ensenada (Mexico), to the west, is Tecate (Mexico).  Mexicali is very rich in the agricultural growth, a big cotton grower, with the rich soil that the Imperial Valley in California, through which the Colorado River flows down to the area surrounding Mexicali.

Mexicali has a huge Chinese-Mexican population, due to the import of Chinese laborers in the 1930s, who came to work in the agricultural fields of Mexico, and the railroads.  Present day Mexicali is a booming city of 1million people, and growing.Upon locating Mexicali, we decided that this was the place for us and our tiny retirement account.

We immediately searched on the Internet, for a Mexican rental in January of 2008, and found our first new little casa, priced at US$350 dollars a month!  It had 500 sq feet of live-in space. Our new home had a nice size front porch, 2 good-sized bedrooms, one large sitting room, with a kitchen,  a bathroom, with a shower, and a huge back entrance, big enough to fit a small RV. It was near Mexicali’s Walmart, and near to all the shops that would provide what we needed to live on.  We were thrilled,, our 2 cats and our mixed lab/doberman, Rex were also happy… to see that there is Hope for social security retirees like us!

However, before we took the trip down to Mexicali, we got our documents in order, and went down to the Mexican Consulate, nearest to our town.  Yeh! We qualified, and got our FM2 visas, stamped.  We were ready to go!

We signed a 6 month lease for our new home for the month of February 2008, with our new landlord, Mario.  Mario was very helpful and informed us that the suburb we were going to live in is called Hipico, a very nice part of Mexicali.  Things were moving faster than we had expected.

The real work of relocation was just beginning.  We rushed back to California, to pack, and finalize the details of moving on.  We were living in an RV park, which was slowly eating into our savings.  We had a lists of things to do, we placed our RV trailer up for sale,  packed our belongings into a U-Haul.

We left for Mexicali on 1st March 2008.  While returning the UHaul truck to it’s pit-stop in the town of El Centro, we left most of our boxes and furniture in storage at UHaul, to be picked up and sorted out at a later date.  It was important that we take control over our new casa in Mexicali, first.  This was the right time to move, as the weather in Mexicali was still cool.  The summer monthes would come soon.

Our pets had their necessary vaccinations, in El Centro, and off we went. Jim drove, I tried to map read, Rex had his head out the truck window, not a worry in the world.  Our two cats, Twiggy and Moss stayed in their pet carriers, their litter box, wedged between them.   We hit the town of Calexico, and prepared ourselves, with all the documentation, as we were getting ready to cross the US border into Mexicali, Mexico, with our pets, and our three suitcases.  At the border, Mexican customs cleared us, and after a thorough check, we drove right into Mexicali, entering Mexico, on March the 3rd, 2008, in the afternoon.

We opened the front door of our new casa, tired, exhausted and happy.  We had made a decision for a new affordable living.  We based our decision on living out our lives happily, and sadly we just could not make ends meet, in California – not even in an RV park.  It was poverty or moving to a new country?  We chose Mexicali!

Our house is 176 feet from the border of the good old USA!


9 comments to Cheap and Affordable Living…

  • Dragos: The best sourse is the link on the left panel of our blog, OLX, in the big letters. Click on that and you will see quite a few rentals, and sales advertised. With the problems in the US, there are a lot more places available than there were last year.
    God Bless,

  • dragos


    we are planning to relocate for 3 years from Romania to Mexicali and would be very apprreciated if you could tell me the actual prices of housing rentals in Mexicali. I know there a few new residencial parks but it is very difficult to find something on the internet.

    thank you

  • I know if you have an FM3 Visa you can bring in ONCE every item you inventory. Without the Visa, I don’t know.
    God Bless,

  • Phillip

    I have a few furniture such as bed, desk, table, fridge. How hard would it be crossing the border with my things? Would it be worth it? I would hate to buy new furniture. If I am able to bring it across, is there a truck I can rent to bring it across? I know I can’t bring u-haul across.

  • admin

    Christina – depends where your fiance will be in Arizona. If it Yuma, you could consider Mexicali or Los Algodones. Here is the website where we found our first house – In fact it shows you a picture of the house – $350 per month. Also, we will be doing a post on rentals in the near future.

  • Christina

    Hello 🙂
    I have a couple of questions about living in Mexicali because my fiance is relocating and we are looking at living in a ‘border town or city’ as he will be working in Arizona.. I am finding it so hard to find out any information about renting a house or apartment and what i need to do before moving… Do you know of any sites that would have renting information, cost of living information, etc? I’ll be moving from Canada so any information is greatly appreciated 🙂


  • admin

    Don – you must have some interesting stories. Hope to see you in Mexicali!

  • Don Cook

    I agree. I am a divorced 47 year old African-american from Southern California. I have been traveling to, and vacationing in, Mexicali for the past twenty plus years. I plan to purchase a home and retire there in Mexicali. Yes, it can get a little brutal in the summer, but the benifits out weigh that sesonal discomfort. I have found the people to be warm and inviting. I am counting the days until I can be there on a more permanent basis. Enjoy your retirement … and who knows … we might bump into one another.

    Don Cook

  • Welcome to Mexico.

    I’ve lived in Nuevo Laredo, Celya Gunajuato and Monterrey Nuevo Leon for the past 15 years and it is a wonderful country with great people.

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