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Out and about in Mexicali

We gave ourselves a six month time frame, to see whether our 500 square foot casa will do for the long run. Our furniture and packed boxes are still in storage, and we don’t think that our sofa set will fit comfortably into the living room. We have also not purchased a stove.   We got our first water bill, and we were very surprised at the amount – only $4.30!!! We are using as much water here as we did when we were in America, where we paid over ten times as much.

Since we were cooking on a burner, we had a good reason to check out the various restaurants in Mexicali.  The first restaurant we tried was Carvao, a Brazilian style place. It was a real fancy and high-end with waiters bringing around roast meat on skewers.  The sirloin cuts were delicious. The lunch included a delicious buffet of vegetables, pasta, and deserts – for the two us it all came to $26.  You could eat as much as you wanted, and we ate plenty!  Lunch for Mexicans is always around 2:00pm to 4:00pm and most restaurants are full during that time slot. Still, you can go earlier, as restaurants are always open for business.

We just had to try the Chinese food, and Mexicali has tons of Chinese restaurants, just about on every block, and every street corner. We would follow the crowd and went where we saw the most people.  A serving of fried rice, along with fried chicken, a pile of roast sliced pork, broccoli and beef, delicious crunchy pan-fried bean sprouts, deep fried shrimps, and two spring rolls, two Coca Lites, cookies and sliced oranges for desert (whew!) came to a whopping $14. The Chinese restaurants have very competitive prices. Eating at the huge selection of Chinese restaurants in Mexicali is a favorite with us, as the affordable prices make it easy on our pockets.  Some days we just pop into Burger King for a much needed fix of burgers and fries.

Selecta Restaurant

Selecta Restaurant

Selecta is an old Mexican restaurant, and has been around in Mexicali for a long time.  Selecta has great Mexican décor and serves real authentic Mexican food. Most of its clientale are middle-aged folks from Mexicali. One of our favorite dishes there is beef Milanese – thin slices of beef dipped in breadcrumbs, and fried.  Selecta always serves taco chips and scrumptious hot tacos – and it’s your choice whether you want flour or corn tacos.

Another super restaurant is Palapas which specializes in huge steaks, and fine wines from Mexico. Yes, there are great wines from the Guadalupe Valley not far from Mexicali. The red wines are the best we have had – anywhere. We always get Cabernet Sauvignon from the Domecq vinyards in the nearby Guadalupe Valley. C’mon! We’re not wine snobs – this wine costs only about seven bucks at our local Mexicali AM/PM store.

Jim always orders his steak “cowboy style,” as it says on the menue. It  comes with a huge baked potato with all the trimmings. Palapas is expensive. With a bottle of that great Domecq wine the meal costs about $40 – so we can’t afford to go there often.

At the low-end there are open air restaurants, ranging in size from building down to something the size of a hot-dog cart. At these places you can get anything from tacos to grilled steaks. One of these places had a huge roast on a iron stick, turning it around over a grill.  you could eat the meat with tacos, or have them grill cheese with the meat and the tacos together – roasted vegetables come along with this dish.

There’s plenty to do when you’re out and about in Mexicali!


3 comments to Out and about in Mexicali

  • Connie T. Sanders

    Hi, we plan to visit Mexicali in two weeks. What you wrote here seems like an excellent itinerary. Now I know what to expect in Mexicali. Thanks!

  • maryannx

    Hi Anna,
    Yes we have tried Pampas here in Mexicali, and it’s very good. Still we slightly prefer Carvao, with it’s cheerful modern decor, and side buffet all at one price, and it’s cheaper! Carvao has wide flatscreen TVs on the wall. We visited your website, and find it real informative as you’ve got more experience in, than we do. We’ll be pleased to put you up on our Blogroll.
    Best Regards,

  • Have you tried Pampas (Brazilian food) ? They have a restaurant in Tijuana, and I remember seeing one in Mexicali. That’s the only Brazilian food place I’ve tried in Baja California and it’s delicious , too. I wonder if there’s a Carvao in Tijuana and I just haven’t seen it. Anna

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