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We strike a bonanza in Mexico!

13 pesos to the dollar!
13 pesos to the dollar!

Yesterday evening, Jim and I were driving down to Walmart to do some shopping, and WOW, we saw a money changer’s sign that said 13 pesos to the US dollar! Driving on we found even better rates!

Just two days ago, the rate was about 10 pesos to the dollar – we were 30% richer!  We would be getting an extra 30% in pesos for our Social Security check.  This was exciting!  Walmart would cost us 30% less, and the rent on our casa would also be down by 30%.
Neither Jim nor I know beans about international finance.

Naturally, we feel bad for all the good folks back in the states, losing money on the stock market, and worried about their company pensions.  Jim and I could never afford to buy any stocks, and wouldn’t know what to buy if we could.  Jim was never up for any company pension, so, for us, it was just Social Security.

Our 30% peso windfall might not last, but we heard that, in some places, it was 14 pesos to the dollar.  Jim feels he’s some kind of Greenspan-like guy in going along with my decision to move to Mexico.

We’re gonna pre-pay our month’s rent, today.


7 comments to We strike a bonanza in Mexico!

  • Maryann, sometimes it’s hard to understand the exchange rates when they’re posted as “Compra” and “Venta” at the casas de cambio. One thing you can always count on, though: the higher rate is the rate to buy dollars, the lower rate is the rate to buy pesos.

    In your photo, the “Compra” rate is 11.65. That means that you take dollars to exchange for pesos, and you get 11.65 pesos for each dollar.

    The “Venta” rate is 13.00. That means that when you want to take pesos to exchange for dollars, the casa de cambio charges you 13 pesos for each dollar.

    So…I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but your dollar was only worth 11.65 pesos when you took the picture.


  • admin

    Mr. Editor! Thanks for the compliment. We are working on some more trips – one on Ensenada, and the other on the Guadalupe Valley, where they’ve got the greatest wines. By the way, Jim and I have visited your site,, and found it very useful. MaryAnn

  • admin

    I took a long look at your wonderful blog,, and will be happy to put a link to your site from ours. Listen, I can use your help as Jim and I are quite new to Mexican food – which we love! MaryAnn

  • I love your blog! Keep up the good work… I feel as though I’m discovering northwestern Mexico with you.

  • Maryann, your website is really interesting. Would you like to put a link to mine on yours? Mine is Mexico Cooks!. The URL is Let me know if you decide to add it to your links.

  • admin

    Thanks for writing Paul. That is a very good question. We opened an account at Banamex in Calexico, CA., and a peso account at Banamex in Mexicali. Banamex is part of Citibank, and it is easy to transfer dollars from Banamex, California to pesos in Banamex, Mexicali. Our social security payments are automatically deposited to Citibank, and we wire transfer that to Banamex via the computer. Yes, we have FM3 visas, which we got real easy in the states at the Mexican consulate for $36.00, each. Our US address is a post office box in Calexico. For things that can’t be shipped to a post office box, we use the Copy Center, 100 E. 4th Street, Calexico, CA 92231-2638. They charge a buck for whatever we receive – real nice.

  • How do you handle your social security payments? Do you have them deposit your monthly payment into a bank in the US and then withdraw it by ATM in Mexico or what? Do you have FMT papers? A US address?

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