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The smuggler’s tunnel

The Innocent-looking tunnel house

The Innocent-looking tunnel house

Mexicali is a border town, just right next to Calexico, California.  As such, it’s a great place for smugglers to build underground tunnels to Calexico.

To do that, the houses where the tunnel originates in Mexicali have to be just directly across from Calexico. This makes it relatively easy for the tunnels to be dug, and for the enterprising smugglers to come up right into the living room of a friendly Calexico home.

Just recently, Mexican police, acting on a tip, arrested eight men (one from Los Angeles) digging a sophisticated tunnel that nearly reached into U.S. territory. The tunnel’s entrance was in a neatly kept, modest fenced home in downtown Mexicali. The men digging the tunnel were caught off guard and were arrested in their shorts, work boots and dirt-stained shirts.

Map of the tunnel

Map of the tunnel

The suspects told authorities that a man would visit the house monthly to pay them, but that he hid his identity with a ski mask. Wonder how he walked from his car to the house with that thing on?

The tunnel had a rail-and-cart system to ferry material and dirt, ventilation, lighting, and an electric lift to transport items up and down the shaft.  The tunnel was obviously well financed and expertly constructed – a real piece of work. Its destination appeared to be a residential neighborhood across the border in Calexico, as the tunnel stretched 150 yards, ending within feet of the California border.

Just for the heck of it, Jim and I drove by the house where the tunnel began. Some other people were driving by to take a look-see, as well.

Well, the house sure didn’t look like much, but in Mexicali you grab your excitement when you can.

Were we afraid to take a look? No – so long as we keep out of the tunnel business ourselves, we are going to be just fine, both with the police – and, more importantly, with the smugglers.

Finally, is Mexicali dangerous? Not at all. Just read that in Phoenix, this year, a CBS News investigation discovered that there have been 266 reported kidnappings and 300 home invasions this year alone. Sources say the real figures could run as much as three times higher because so many go unreported.

Jim and I’ll take Mexicali any day.

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