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Mexico is more affordable than ever!!!

The peso is getting cheaper!

The peso is getting cheaper!

I know I wrote about the rise of the dollar versus the peso back in October, but it just keeps getting better!

In the last three months, the Mexican Peso has lost 37% of its value against the U.S. Dollar.

Let me re-phrase that – in the last three months the dollar gets you 37% more pesos.

That means, if you have dollars, everything costs 37% less in Mexico. Free money!

Seems it has to do with the decline in the price of oil, which provides nearly 40% of the Mexican government’s revenue.

In addition, the US recession has reduced the demand for Mexican products. Even with the devalued peso making Mexican exports relatively cheaper, the U.S. consumer isn’t going to be buying like they have in the past. In the states the binge is pretty much over.

This slide of the peso opens up a lot of opportunities for Americans. First off, it makes your holiday in Mexico a good deal cheaper. Secondly, of you are looking for a new home, Mexico can greatly reduce your cost of living. One word of caution, however, is that, wherever you go, always pay in pesos. If you sign up for tour with a U.S. operator, you will be paying in dollars – and the tour operator will be reaping the benefit of the devalued peso.

We rent our casa in Mexicali for 5,500 pesos a month. Yes, our rental contract is in pesos. Several month’s ago, our rent was the equivalent $550 a month; today it is $346 a month, and Mexicali is not the cheapest part of Mexico.

However, if you are out of your house, and living in a trailer (as we were), or with relatives, Mexicali is a great bargain. Our four bedroom, two bath place, with a three car garage, for $346 a month – you couldn’t rent a decent room in the U.S. for that.

Come on down!

2 comments to Mexico is more affordable than ever!!!

  • Jake: Thanks for the kind words. We think you have it right. Mexicali has super access to Calexico, and to El Centro. Visited your myspace site (folks, click on Jake, above and take a look). You’re a very talented guy, and I love your tatoos – very appropriate for Mexico! Check on OLX on our sidebar, and you will find plenty of Mexicali rentals. A year ago, there were virtually none, so your timing is right. God Bless, Maryann

  • Hi Maryann!I have been reading your site everyday for past week or so.I feel so lucky to have found a site like this:)It has been so insightful.After absorbing all the information your site has to offer I cant wait to move to Mexicali!i plan to get apartment there in August for my girlfriend to live while I find a job in Mexicali or Calexico.I love your website!thank you!

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