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Christmas in Mexicali

A beautifully decorated Mexicai home

A beautifully decorated Mexicai home

“Tis the season to be jolly.” Christmas is almost upon us. During our drives through the Mexicali nighttime streets, most of the homes are lit up with Christmas lights, and even some impressive nativity scenes.

Christmas for Mexicans, is the most important religious holiday of all.

Christmas is a celebration of the Nativity, the birthday of Jesus. To prepare for Christmas, the Mexicans have, what they call, “Posadas.” Posada means “inn” in Spanish. These Posadas are an enactment of the search for an inn for lodging by Joseph and the Virgin Mary, called The Pilgrims. Joseph and Mary are going to Bethlehem for the census according to the Scriptures.

In Spanish, their search is called “Los Peregrinos, San José y la Virgen María” – the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary. Each family in the neighborhood will schedule a night for the Posada to be held at their home, starting on the 16th of December and finishing on the 24th, on what is called, Noche Buena. These celebrations are a “Novena,” or a nine days period before the 24th of December, which is the “Noche Buena” or “Holy Night.”

On the eve of Christmas, Mexicans will attend midnight mass. Christmas presents for the children will be given on the following 6th of January, Epiphany day, and not on Christmas day. Epiphany celebrates the visit of the three Kings bearing gifts to baby Jesus.

Mexicali Nativity Scene

Mexicali Nativity Scene

Mexico is nearly 100% a Roman Catholic country, due to the influence of the Spain, which had dominated the country for three centuries.

Jim and I will be expecting our son Jesse, his wife Maude, and their two kids, Wilbur, called “Willie,” and Orville. Our daughter Heather and her husband, Spike, with their daughter, Savannah will also be joining us for our first Christmas in Mexicali. Jim’s younger brother, Matthew, will be driving down, as well, all the way from Vermillion, South Dakota. Jim is crazy about Matthew, even though they are nothing alike.

Unlike Jim, Matthew is the artistic type – plays the piano, sings beautifully, and does fantastic carpentry work, using ancient tools to repair historic houses. Jim always said that Matthew should have had a bigger singing career than Frank Sinatra, because Sinatra can’t play the piano at all. Well, it didn’t work out for Matthew, despite his talent and good looks (he was once on the cover of Teen Idol Magazine).

Matthew’s bad luck was to marry the wrong women – three times! Now a bachelor, he is greatly respected for his carpentry, and plays the church organ in Vermillion on Sundays, and, during the week, in various retirement homes.. Too bad we don’t have a piano! Jim and I get all teary when Matthew sings Amazing Grace.

I have never seen Jim so happy. After rummaging around, he finally found the box that has all our Christmas ornaments, and stuff.

They sell real Christmas trees down the road, on a huge lot, and Jim is eager to go check it out. Since we haven’t seen our kids, and grandkids, for awhile, and Matthew, this Christmas will be real special, and I am getting ready to prepare the most delicious turkey dinner – with all the trimmings, including stuffing, sweet potatoes (with plenty of marshmallows), cranberry sauce, and grits. Jim loves grits. Our big surprise for dessert will be hot rhubarb pie, which Matthew loves. And yes, there’ll be plenty of cans of eggnog ready, which they sell at Wal-Mart in Calexico.

We will be getting most of our food from Wal-Mart’s in Mexicali and in Calexico. All the Christmas presents have been bought, at Wal-Mart, for our five grand children, though we have been told Jesse’s oldest boy, Willie, who has just turned 13, wants “cash” from Santa. We’ll slip two crisp one dollar bills into his present – a checkered woolen shirt. He also wanted a yellow rapper’s suit, whatever that is. I’m sure the checkered woolen shirt will keep him just as warm.

The Mexicali weather is beautiful for Christmas, highs of 70s during the day, and lows of 40s at night – just so comfy for our Christmas celebrations!

Our new home has plenty of space for our guests, and the extra two bedrooms have been prepared for their arrival, ahead of time.  Matthew will sleep on the living room sofa. We never could have had such a group, ten relatives, visit us in our old RV home.

We wish everyone who visits us at, a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!

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