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Matthew’s foot…

Matthew ready for bed

Matthew ready for bed

Our kids, Jessie and Heather, with their families left Mexicali for home, early Monday morning. Both Jim and I are already beginning to miss them and our grandkids.  We hope to see more of them, now that we live in a house instead or a trailer.

In the meantime, Matthew had heard the water man, who delivers our 5 gallon bottles of purified water, calling out from the front gate.  Matthew ran out to give a hand, and in lifting one of the 5 gallon bottles, he lost his grip and the water bottle fell on his right foot.

“Ahhh…my foot – my foot! It’s gone- help me help me!” Matthew screamed. Jim was the first to rush out to assist Matthew.  I paid the water man quickly, and we hauled Matthew into the house as fast as possible.

Matthew is five-ten, 160 pounds, and his right foot was beginning to swell.  We had to take him to Dr. Arturo. Since Matthew couldn’t sit in the small cab of our truck, Jim had to lay him down in back on the truck bed. Jim quickly ran into the house and got a blanket to put over Matthew – Mexicali is cold in January. Jim jumped into the truck and we were off to see Dr Arturo.

Matthew moaned that his foot would never look the same again – that it would affect his dancing, which is part of his act. As usual, we were able to see Dr. Arturo immediately (that’s Mexico – no waiting for the doctor). Dr. Arturo said that there was no break, but he bandaged the foot, and gave us a prescription for painkillers.  Matthew would be fine.

The accident meant that Matthew would have to stay with us a little longer, which made Jim very happy. I liked having Matthew around a little longer – it would be wonderful to show him Mexicali and Baja California.

Back at the house, Jim helped Matthew hobble into what would now be his bedroom.

By New Year’s Eve, Matthew’s foot was much better.  I was cleaning our bedroom, when I heard someone singing. “Hey Venus oh Venus, Venus if you will, Please send a little girl for me to thrill, A girl who wants my kisses and my arms, A girl with all the charms of you….”

Matthew was in the backyard, and through our bedroom window, I could see him hanging up twelve pair of white Mickey Mouse gloves. Mickey Mouse gloves? I rushed out and asked, “Matthew, what are those white gloves for? ”

Matthew was smiling happily, “Well, MaryAnn, I am so glad that you asked. I bought them on Ebay all for five dollars. Isn’t it wonderful? I lather my hands with moisturizer, and I put on these white gloves…keeps my hands smooth like a baby’s bottom.  I need them soft and supple to play my piano and sing!”

“They look like Mickey Mouse gloves,” I said.

Matthew smiled at me, and said, “Oh my, I guess you have to be in show business to know that Mickey Mouse gloves have only three fingers and a thumb. Mine are normal gloves. South Dakota has just dreadful weather; the cold will wither me to pieces, if I don’t keep my skin moisturized, darling!”

I began looking at my own hands.  Matthew did have a point about dry skin.

I mentioned to Jim about the gloves. “Well, of course, he needs them, MaryAnn, Matthew is a very accomplished pianist, and a great singer. I have been thinkin’ when we have some extra money- we could buy a small organ or somethin for him to play.” Jim really loved his brother.

Matthew was wonderful company.  I had never seen Jim so happy.  After all, it was just the two of them.

Matthew was very careful with his appearance.  His nightly rituals of “keeping moisturized” was an event by itself.  By bedtime, which was 10.30pm, Matthew had his cotton bathrobe over his pajamas, and his face was covered in some green colored algae. In the privacy of his bedroom, Matthew would slip on a hairnet. Why a hairnet?  Both Jim and Matthew have what I call “Stalin Hair.”  The hair grows straight up, and up.  Jim has a buzz cut, but Matthew has always maintained that Frankie Avalon look.

Matthew’s hair is even higher than Frankie Avalon’s.

Take a look…

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