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This system teaches you Spanish, the easy way - not the academic way. With only 138 words you will be speaking Spanish.


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Music – Mexican style

Matthew playing with his white gloves!!!

Matthew playing with his white gloves!!!

Matthew decided that he had to learn Spanish.  This would add to his repertoire of songs he sang and played on his piano at the various retirement homes and church functions in Vermillion, South Dakota.  Matthew had been using sign language with the Mexicali vendors, when he bought fruit, fresh tamales, and pastries on his daily walks around the neighborhood.

“This will not do!” said Matthew. “I’m going to learn how to speak and sing in Spanish! I am going to thrill and entertain the wonderful people back home.”

Jim and I bought Matthew the online Spanish kit we advertise, and, in the privacy of his bedroom, Matthew began to learn Spanish at his own pace.

Matthew decided to take it one step further by learning this song by the famous Mexican singer and actor, Vicente Fernandez. You may not have heard of Fernandez, but he has sold 50 million albums! Not all Mexican music is the typical stuff we have all heard a million times – not by a long shot. Vicente Fernandez, usually very traditional, can sing like a trucker. Jim just loves trucker songs.




After listening to Matthew’s determined effort to learn and sing in Spanish, I decided that I, too, would learn a song from Mexico’s top singer, Thalía (pronounced Tah-lee-ah). Now, you may not have heard of Thalía either, but she is married to Tommy Mottola , and is a much better singer than his first wife, Mariah Carey – at least that’s what Jim says.

Thalía’s songs are the biggest hits in Mexico and Spain.

Thalía is a very talented girl, and is also a businesswoman, fashion designer, record producer and writer.  She was born in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1971.  Her father was a doctor of pathology. She was named Miss Mexico 1977. In 2000, she was invited to perform at the White House by George Bush.

Thalía is fluent in Spanish, French and English.  In 2006, Thalia became a US citizen and now lives in New York City with her husband, Tommy Mottola, and their young daughter. In 2006, she became a U.S. citizen, but she still keeps her Mexican citizenship.

But as good as Thalía and Vicente Fernandez are, Jim thinks Matthew is still tops. “Who could play the piano wearing those white gloves,” Jim asks? “Not even Liberace could pull that one off – no way,” is Jim’s answer.

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