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Swine flu in Mexicali

Deserted downtown Mexicali

Deserted downtown Mexicali

Here we are, all hunkered down in Mexicali because of the flu. For a couple of days, we just stayed home, but tonight we decided to take a drive around town.

Our first stop was at the neighborhood pharmacy. Jim went in to get flu masks, while Matthew and I waited in the truck. In no time, Jim was back. “They got nothin’ in there,” he said. “Told me to come back tomorrow morning, as they are all sold out.”

Jim continued, “I told them that, in Mexico City, folks were buying masks for two cents and selling them four bucks.”

“How stupid, Jim, – now they will pick up on your idea, and will take them from the store to sell. There’ll be none left for us,” I said.

Matthew said something, but with his white glove over his mouth, we couldn’t understand a word he said.

“Really,” said Jim. “Aw, shucks.”

Jim got in the truck and we drove around for a while in silence.

We headed downtown near the border crossing. The streets were deserted. Very few cars were around, and virtually no people.

“This looks terrible,” mumbled Matthew through his white glove. “What are we going to do?”

“We go by the pharmacy again in the morning, like they said,” answered Jim.

“And when they tell you they’re all out, because you gave them the idea to sell on their own – then what, Jim?” I asked.

Jim took a minute to think about that, and said, “Then, tomorrow, we’ll go to Calexico, and get the darn masks there.”

“But I heard that the U.S. Border patrol is taking everybody’s temperature,” said Matthew.

“So what,” I answered.

“So what,” said Matthew, taking his gloved hand away from his mouth and nearly screaming? “So what – so what if I have a slight temperature, and they quarantine me in some place like Gitmo?”

“Matthew, calm down,” said Jim, getting excited himself.

“Just look,” said Matthew, “we are in a ghost town – what is to become of us?”
Matthew returned his gloved hand to his mouth. “I’mm doo young do die,” came out the muffled words.

“No one’s going to die,” I yelled.

“Geez, I’m totally spooked by not seeing any cars, or people,” yelled Jim.

“Mmmf mfweee outa mthiss pflace,” shouted Matthew through his white glove.

“Careful Jim, you almost ran over that man,” I screamed.

“What man?” shouted Jim.

Near empty Wal-Mart

Near empty Wal-Mart

Matthew gave a muffled shriek through his white glove.

“Let, lets, go home,” I told Jim, trying to calm down.

“Good idea,” said Jim.

We headed back home through the dark and deserted streets.  The air was a bit cool, and, I feared, laced here and there with flu virus. Will we make it?

Matthew calmed down a bit, and asked, “Will we make it?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Jim.

Until you’ve seen the deserted city, you will never understand the fear.

Three condemned people rode through the darkness on their way home to an unknown fate.

8 comments to Swine flu in Mexicali

  • Kizz

    Thank you so much MaryAnn, I appreciate it!

  • Hi Kizz: Still no trace of swine flu in Mexicali! If your GPS does not show any maps of Mexicali, you probably have a TomTom like we do. Very frustrating. Also, Google maps, which used to have Mexicali streets, has them no longer. Strange. Anyway, you will probably be coming from Highway 8 which runs just north of Calexico. Take the 111 going south, and it will lead you right through Calexico and directly to the border crossing into Mexicali, which is right next to Calexico. Once you cross the border into Mexicali, the road veers to the left. Follow it to a traffic light. You are now headed east. Across the street, which is called, Avenida Francisco Madero, you will see a large hotel on the northeast corner. Continue on down Avenida Francisco Madero. Down the road a bit, the cross streets are named in alphabetic order, Calle A, Calle B, etc. At the first stoplight after Calle L, turn right, and you are on Calzada Justo Sierra. Continue on down (going south) on Calzada Justo Sierra until you come to a round-about with a statue in the middle of it. Veer left to stay on Justo Sierra – you are almost there! Continue on down until you hit the first street on the left, Jardin – there are no streets intersecting on the right. Look left, and there is your hotel! If you happen to go past Jardin, you will hit Independencia, a major street with a stoplight – then you have gone bit too far. The best place to see a map is on Microsoft Bing, as that site has all the Mexicali streets. Good luck and God bless – MaryAnn

  • Kizz

    I am hoping you can help me again MaryAnn as you were helpful before. Our GPS is not showing any maps of Mexicali. Can you let me know how to drive from Calexico, California to Mexicali (specifically the Araiza hotel)? You can email me or post it here..many thanks!

  • MaryAnn

    So far as we know, there is no major swine flu problem here. There hasn’t been a case in Mexicali for about four weeks, and we hear nothing about it from other areas. There may be isolated cases, but no major pandemic here. God Bless, MaryAnn

  • Kizz

    Is the swine flu prevalent there now? My husband has to travel there next week and am concerned. We are from Canada

  • David, I haven’t heard of any deaths from swine flu in Mexicali. There have only been about ten cases reported, so far as I know.
    God bless,

  • david

    I’ve been out of mexicali for a couple of months. I live in Mexicali. I just got back from a trip. Have there been any deaths or confirmed cases of swine flu here?

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