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So much for health care in America!



Jim and I came across a pretty cool website. It was written by a guy from California, who hit the skids, lived in his car, and finally found a good job.

His website gave a lot of good tips on where to get free medical care. Jim and I are not into freebees for ourselves, but feel that others should have a chance. I guess our conscience got us when we saw a young couple living in a car in Calexico.

One of the clinics the website mentioned for free medical care was Clinicas DE Salud Del Pueblo, in Calexico. The place is known as “Clinicas.” The mission statement of the clinic is that Clinicas is open to everyone. Our fees for medical and dental services are based on family size and income for patients without insurance. No one, regardless of race, creed, sex or physical disability is denied services because of their inability to pay.

Jim was looking for a place to get a flu shot so we stopped by “Clinicas.”

Unfortunately, Clinicas did not give flu shots.

Since we were there, Jim asked about their free medical services.

Turns out Clinicas is not entirely free. If you fall below a certain income level, they reduce their normal $60 charge to $30 – which ain’t free! Just two miles away from Clinicas, in Mexicali, you can see a doctor for 250 pesos ($21.50).

Jim asked, “What do I need to get the thirty dollar rate?”

The very nice lady attendant said, we would need an income statement, and proof that we lived in California.

“What kind of proof?” asked Jim.

The attendant told Jim, rent receipts, utility bills, something to prove you lived in California. No, a driver’s license wouldn’t do.

Jim pressed on, “What if we just live in our car out on the street here in Calexico?”

The attendant was getting a bit nervous, but maintained her cool, and said, “We need receipts.”

“How about a receipt from the filling station showing I bought gas here?” asked Jim.

“I’m sorry,” the attendant replied.

“No point in beatin’ a dead horse,” said Jim as we parted company with the attendant.

Jim’s last visit to a doctor in the US was paid for by Medicare with the exception of $60 – again far more than we would pay in Mexico.

They say Obama is going to fix things – we’ll see.

So much for health care in America.!

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