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Calexico & Mexicali

Calexico & Mexicali

We received an email from a fellow who had some questions about moving to Mexicali. He is disabled and receives monthly payments from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – which he will lose shortly after moving to Mexico.

Fortunately, he has a friend he can stay with in Mexicali, but just for one month. After that he must find a place on his own. The good news is that he intends to launch a business in Mexicali, which will provide him a source of income.

Due to his disability, he will need occasional medical help, and asked how much his medical needs might cost in Mexicali, including prescription medicines.

His plan was to fly to Imperial County Airport and will take a shuttle to Calexico, cross the border and take a taxi to my friend house.  Did he need a car to cross into Mexicali from Calexico?

I wrote back:

You can walk across the border from Calexico to Mexicali where you will find a cab stand. It’s a short walk, as Mexicali and Calexico are adjacent.

Things are far less formal here, and the doctors really want to cure people, and everything costs less.  My own condition (scoliosis) was never diagnosed in the US, but diagnosed very rapidly in Mexicali.

For a specialist, you need to make an appointment, which is usually given on the following day – not weeks or months down the line like in the US. Normally specialists cost 450 to 500 pesos for a visit. Figure about 13 pesos to the dollar.

Originally we had a general practitioner who charged us 250 pesos a visit, and then raised it to 300.  With a general practitioner, no appointment is needed.  You just go.

Now, instead of going to the doctor, we usually go straight to the pharmacy without bothering to go to the doctor’s.  We go to La Farmacia Mas Barato, which has great prices and is on the main street (Justo Sierra), close to the border.

The pharmacists there are knowledgeable, and can suggest what you should take – no prescription needed. 

We live close to the border.  A general rule for border towns is that the safer, more convenient neighborhoods are near to the border.

The fellow answered:

As far as I know, you are the only resource I have so far on first hand advice living in Calexico/Mexicali. Sad, but true.
I understand it there are several universities in the area – that might be an avenue to make some English speaking friends. 

I had a light-bulb moment and answered:

Why not consider living in Calexico?  You would keep your SSI and could still work in Mexicali.  There are plenty of English speakers and services in Calexico – not a bad little town.

He responded:

I contacted the Imperial County Housing Authority, and they are sending information on low income housing in the area. 

So, if you want medical assistance at Mexican prices, and if you don’t want to lose US benefits – if you want to stick your toe in the water before you leap into Mexico – try Calexico.

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