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Foreign Ownership of Coastal Property in Mexico

San Felipe

San Felipe

Jim and I still rent our home in Mexicali. We never really considering purchasing a place, because of the complications involved.

That may be about to change.

Mexico’s 1915 Constitution reads “Under no circumstances will foreigners be able to acquire direct ownership of land and waters within a zone of one hundred kilometers (62 miles) along the borders, and fifty kilometers (31 miles) along the shores.”

This is called the “restricted zone.”

In 1971, Mexico changed to law to allow foreigners to purchase real estate in the restricted zone by means of a renewable bank trust, or “fideicomiso.”

This was a step forward, but it still made it very complicated for foreigners to purchase real estate in the restricted zone.

A newly proposed constitutional amendment may now make it possible for foreigners to purchase restricted zone real estate directly, provided it is residential property.

Mexico had over 4,300,000 vacation properties in 2007 within the coastal regions, with nearly 70% of those belonging to foreigners.

If the constitutional amendment passes, it should be a bonanza for Americans who want to live in Mexico.

2 comments to Foreign Ownership of Coastal Property in Mexico

  • My impression is that the job market is relatively good in the Calexico/El Centro area. The area is largely agricultural, with little or no manufacturing. Maybe we don’t always have to make cars, but people will always have to grow food – so the economy here is less affected than in a heavy industrial area. A good website for jobs in this area is
    God Bless,

  • Kat


    My fiance and I will be relocating to Mexicali once we receive our passports, about a month and a half. I’m wondering if you know of any Web sites for job seekers. I have applied to the El Centro Imperial Valley Press newspaper, as I’m a journalism major. I also looked through the slim list of jobs in the El Centro paper. Do you have any advice? How is the job market in the Calexico/El Centro area?

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