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The ugly face of American healthcare

Yeah, sure!

“Patriotic” Americans would rather shoot themselves in the foot than be rational about healthcare.
Who are they against? – themselves!

Since my last post I have been attacked by defenders of American healthcare, which is incredible. My thought was to tell people suffering from Tarlov’s disease that there is an option to the exorbitant healthcare costs in the U.S.

Simply stated – consider getting the operation for Tarlov cysts in Mexico as I did. I was lucky to find out about Mexico, as in the U.S., I never could have afforded the operation.

Now I am 100% pain free – not so with most of the members of

Healthcare Tea Party - shoot yourself in the foot!

Healthcare Tea Party – shoot yourself in the foot!

The last thing I expected was to be attacked. My attackers are people, who for some crazy reason, argue against their own best interests.

Many of these people will never be able to afford the $80,000+ that the Tarlov cyst operation costs in America – I sure couldn’t have.

Most of my critics emerged from, a site sponsored by a number of healthcare companies. These people seemed to think that the only guy who could operate on Tarlov cysts was a Dr. Feigenbaum in Kansas.

On 10/21,  Debra, who recommended Dr. Feigenbaum, emailed me from Fort Myers, Florida, writing, ” How much is Mexico paying you for this blog?  I have had surgery with a wonderful doctor in the US and the doctor himself was paid $5000.00 for performing the surgery.” Huh, really!?

That same day Linda from Ringgold, GA (who also recommended Feigenbaum) emailed me, “I can’t imagine that Dr. Feigenbaum charged the outrageous amount you are saying.  His charge for my surgery was $5000, and my insurance did indeed pay it.” Coincidentally, Linda’s amount is a doubtful $5,000 –  the same amount that Debra gave.

This was in response to my post in where I simply quoted what another member who stated the operation cost far more than $5,000- 20 times more!

american-flagOn 10/22, Linda emailed me again, “I’m happy for you that you love living in another country.  However, I am a staunch, patriotic American and going to Mexico for anything wouldn’t even enter the scope of my desire.” Linda is confusing patriotism with healthcare – is that prejudice, bigotry, stupidity – or all three combined?

In response to Linda, another member wrote, “I haven’t heard of a surgery that cheap in about 40 years. Now, I was stretching when I said Dr, F charged 100,000. but I looked the bill up and it was 82,000. It doesn’t matter anyway. Ins. will do their thing and what is left I guess she will spend the rest of her life paying off…My daughter had TC surgery done in K. City, on May 19th 09 by Dr Fiegenbaum…She can’t work yet, as she still has post op pain, it could take up to a year to be pain free if ever.

Feigenbaum again. Maybe his daughter should have seen my doctor in Mexicali – her folks would have saved tens of thousands of dollars to boot – and with no pain.

On 10/23, Linda wrote, “I have spoken with several people who saw you on the support forums.  They told me you had been asked numerous questions, but didn’t answer them, so you were deleted.”

Well, I had made only one post to, and no one had responded except for the fellow that said he paid $82 thousand for the operation – and nobody asked me any questions, but, guess what? canceled my login. Looks like Linda has some clout.

Many of the members are desperate because they cannot afford to pay in the range of $80 thousand for an operation. Some had their insurance deny their coverage because they were “out of area,” or for other concocted reasons. “I am on North Carolina medicaid for disability and cannot get treatment outside the state.”

Many have no insurance. The entire site is full of people who have no clue as what to do.

Sometimes you just can’t help people. So be it!du_wheelchair_small

If and its members are so hell-bent on protecting high U.S. healthcare costs, and doctors, they must suffer the consequences.

And here are the consequences, my friends:

The pain will start small – you might feel it anywhere – I felt in in my neck. My U.S. doctor prescribed Soma, an addictive drug.

doctormarketshareWhatever you are taking, the pain will increase, and localize to your lower spine with possible numbness in your legs. You will go on to strong pain killers. Your doctor, like my U.S. doctor,  may give you steroid injections, which will work only temporarily. The steroids will cause constant hunger and weight gain. Your face will become bloated – the medical term is “moon face.” You may also develop “buffalo hump,” and suffer personality changes. You doctor will probably  prescribe Gabapentin orVicodin, both addictive drugs. If you discontinue Vicodin, for even a day – your pain will be magnified.

U.S. doctors are high on addictive drugs – to keep you coming back. No wonder the U.S. leads the world in drug addiction!

If you reduce the use of steroids, you will suffer side effects, including: tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint aches, depression, osteoporosis (which may result in fractures of the spine, ribs or hip joint with minimal trauma).

Your walking will be affected by the Tarlov disease – your legs will become numb.

caneSoon, you will be reduced to using a cane – one of those canes with four feet. “I am 36 and they want me to use a cane for walking because I fall so much. ( I fall because the cysts put pressure on the nerves, and my leg goes numb).

A short while after going to the cane, you will be in a wheelchair.  Meanwhile, your Tarlov cyst(s) will continue to grow.

The pain will become excruciating as the Tarlov cyst pressures and breaks and destroys your sacral bones – just like the roots of a tree can break up a concrete sidewalk.

You will become completely incapacitated, and confined to bed.

Can you die from Tarlov disease? You bet!.

According to HyperMED, “Tarlov disease must be taken with great seriousness, because Tarlov disease can advance to the stage of constant severe pain. If not successfully treated, a person in this stage of the disease can die from the stress of the suffering, from the pain medications (hepatitis), or from suicide.

I chose life!



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2 comments to The ugly face of American healthcare

  • Dan:
    I am not sure what Dr. Maya did. I went into the operation with intense pain. I was amazed to wake up with NO PAIN and no nerve damage – could wiggle my toes as soon as I awoke. I stayed in the hospital for only one day after the operation.

    It has been six weeks now, and I am still fine.

    All I know is that Dr. Maya did it very safely, by hand, with no electric tools, etc., so as not to cause nerve damage.

    He also did it in such a way that the pain will not return. He surely drained the cysts, but what else he may have done, I am not sure.

    What I do know is that it cost only a small fraction of the $80,000+ that others are paying in the U.S. An MRI here cost me only $385 with no extra charges like in the U.S.

    Finally, no waiting as the operation was done six days after the MRI and diagnosis.

    God Bless,

  • Dan

    Hi Mary Ann,
    I am glad that the surgery with Dr.Maya healed you of TC pain. What procedure does Dr. Maya use on the Tarlov cysts? Are they drained, plugged or some other procedure ? It would be beneficial for folks considering surgery to know what procedure is being used by Dr. Maya. Thank you and hope you are doing well.

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