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My Tarlov Cyst Operation in Mexicali III – Recovery!

Mexicali's Sonorense Restaurant

Mexicali's Sonorense Restaurant

It has been 2 months since my Sept 10th 2009 Tarlov Cyst operation.  I am PAIN FREE, and walking.

Let me say that again – from the minute I came out of surgery right up until today, I have been 100% pain free.

Yes, there is discomfort due to the healing process after the operation, BUT NO PAIN, NADA! No pills, nothing!!!

This is what a successful Tarlov cyst operation should be like.

Jim has been doing all of the work, since my discharge from the hospital. He’s been a Godsend.

I work on my computer, while sitting on a sofa chair in our office.  Since my Tarlov cysts were located down at the S1 and S2, I need a soft cushion to sit on it at all times.  Jim had bought me a medical donut pillow, which has been great, also for going out to restaurants because the chairs are hard.

Right now, I am able to sit without the donut  pillow for hours. I was able to even clean the kitty litter box, which was a great feeling! I can bend!

With the passing of each day, I can feel my butt muscles getting stronger.  I do my own personal exercises where I flex my butt muscles several times. It’s a great feeling, as the progress I am making is visible to everyone, despite my very own impatience.

My last visit to Dr Maya’s office was in October 2009. I showed Dr Maya the one little wound, which was right at the top of the incision, and he advised Jim to pour hydrogen peroxide over it and keep it bandaged.  The length of the scar, from my tail on up is about 5 inches.

Dr Maya proclaimed: “You are cured, no need for any more visits.  Jim, I have told you how to heal the wound, and if you need to see me, just come in to my office! And, MaryAnn, make sure you don’t life heavy things yet”

I have kept to a fish diet.  There is a great seafood restaurant, not far from our casa, called Sonorense.  We go there often. Jim has a huge shrimp cocktail, followed by a steak and fries, while I stick to the delicious tomato-based steamed halibut and rice. For now, that’s the only seafood I am going to eat –  I stick to fish to avoid getting any keliods!

The weather is getting chilly here in Mexicali, up in the 80s during the day, and in the mid 40s at night.  I am glad I had my operation in September, as this Tarlov cyst operation is no walk in the park.  It would be extra tough for me to have such an operation in winter.

I take my donut pillow with me, whenever I go out now.  I’m taking no chances.  I can walk all over our home, and wherever we go – pain free. I can now wash the dishes, and even did a little dance with Jim at the Sinapsis Café.

Jim and I watched the great game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Me sitting in my recliner chair, which Jim bought from our friend, Jorge, at his 2nd hand furniture shop, for $100. How can you beat that price?

Manning and Brady

Manning and Brady

Jim is getting me into football and I read an article where Tom Brady the Patriots Quarterback had a knee injury, and it took him up to a year to get back into shape, and to get his energy back. I felt darn good, reading that.  It means that the body needs all the time to heal up the outside and the inside wounds and it even takes time for a young guy like Brady to get his full energy back.

Jim and I were really disappointed over the coach’s bad call on 4th down, which cost New England the came which they had already “won.” Jim said, “Look’s darn suspicious to me – wonder if the New England coach was getting a little cash for that?”

Little Matthew singing at church

Matthew as a child singing at church

Matthew returns from Vermillion, South Dakota, in a couple of days.  He was there to visit with family and friends, and collect the rest of his suitcases.  The South Dakota weather at 25 degrees freezing is too cold for him now, after having acclimated himself to sunny Mexicali.  Great— Jim and Matthew will cook the Thanksgiving turkey!  I can’t wait.

Our kids are not coming down; they don’t plan to travel, with the bad economy in the U.S. They are staying glued to their jobs.

I will continue to update everyone on my progress.

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