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Tent City, USA

Tent City, USA

Tent City, USA

A friend of ours, who is no bleeding heart, but a rough construction guy like Jim, just sent us this email:

“Two weeks ago I was unexpectedly routed through a neighborhood here in San Diego because of traffic and have been troubled ever since by what I saw. In a small two block section there were at least fifteen hundred (1,500) homeless people with their possessions in bags and carts. Some had constructed cardboard boxes as a flimsy structure, others just sitting or laying on the ground. What was so significant was that most were not what we have become accustomed to seeing as the typical homeless person but rather, many were comparatively well dressed, obviously not homeless for very long. Many Mothers with children punctuated the scene along with many who may very well have been a suburban neighbor a few short weeks ago.

My wife and I are buying food that I will deliver so that at least the few we can help will have something to eat. No, it won’t be the turkey dinner that most were used to eating but probably more basic items like a loaf of bread and peanut butter/jelly that won’t spoil quickly, cans of soup, things of that nature.

In my lifetime I have never seen so many people; citizens of our once great nation, now victims of the systemic failures brought about by the greed of a few.”

Two other friends of ours, Leon and Carla, who live in Los Angeles, planned to come to visit us in Mexicali. Carla has had a bunch of medical problems, mainly involving her back. She planned to see my back doctor, and was bringing her MRIs with her.

Leon was working for an insurance company in LA, even though he is beyond the retirement age. He was having no end of troubles having his health insurance cover Carla’s MRIs, even though she had been diagnosed with an expanding blood vessel on the spine – something that could pop at any time.

Leon, usually a pretty mild guy, became upset over the continued refusals of his insurance company to pay for Carla’s MRIs – so upset, in fact, that he went to see what his boss could do to help.

His boss fired him.

Tent City Police Raid

Tent City Police Raid

Now Leon (unemployed) and Carla are on expensive COBRA health insurance, which is provided to former employees who have lost their coverage due to losing their job.

Well, Carla had second thoughts and emailed me that she was afraid to come to Mexicali – because of all the violence (which we have never seen here).

I wrote back that there are more thefts and assaults per person in the U.S. than in Mexico.

Carla didn’t answer for a couple of days, but finally emailed that she was coming after all. She added, “Our doctor recommends we start taking something like Cipro, an antibiotic, as a preventive measure during the trip to Mexicali.”

“Sure,” said Jim, “maybe they should bring their own food from LA, along with that Cipro stuff…they could even strap on some diving tanks and walk around Mexicali breathing that wonderful Los Angeles smog.”

I told Jim not to be so mean – but I had to laugh.

Carla’s email continued, “I think California is on the brink of a total financial collapse.  The governor is proposing 4% surtax on gross business income plus 1% on personal income to cover the $40 billion deficit. Obama is talking about doing away with the $500,000 exemption for married couples selling primary residence.”

The next day, Carla sent an email that she had a sinus infection, yadda yadda yadda.

Leon and Carla have now decided to “play it safe” and stay in their overpriced house in LA.

Far be if for me to ask Carla how much money they have, but the fact that Leon was still working well beyond 65 says a lot.

That overpriced California house of theirs is all they have, and it would probably take the rest of their lives for Leon and Carla to sell it.

Tent City Arrest

Tent City Arrest

Meanwhile, their property taxes are over a thousand a month – add that to COBRA, and we are talking about $2,000 a month out the door, before Leon and Carla can even eat.

Both Leon and Carla have Social Security, which, in America, will get them nowhere.

I bet they could ditch their place in LA, and find a nice place, a better life, and better doctors right here in Mexicali.

Instead poor Leon and Carla are probably headed for Tent City – it’s only a matter of time.

“Heck,” said Jim, “We ain’t gonna visit them in no tent city – too dangerous!”

1 comment to Tent City, USA

  • lavonne

    I haven’t seen any tent cities here in San Diego, but I don’t doubt your friend’s description. People are certainly struggling. It’s interesting how afraid people are of Mexico because of all the news about the drug war. I’ve certainly felt that fear myself, but I stopped going to TJ a few years ago because of the pollution, not violence. California’s emissions regulations on cars are very strict, and I could tell a distinct difference as soon as I crossed the border. My health problems are related to pollution, so I’ve thought of all of Mexico as off-bounds for me until I started thinking about it again today.

    I realized that Tijuana is a big city–of course it’s polluted. That doesn’t mean the whole country is. San Diego is too polluted for me too, and I would like to move east 30-40 miles where the air is cleaner, but can’t afford it. Then I realized Tecate is 40 miles east, most likely with cleaner air, and probably MUCH cheaper rent. Voila! I’m going to be researching and visiting Tecate very soon!

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