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Our kids, Jesse and Maude, pay us a Memorial Day visit

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Jesse called us on the phone a couple of days ago and said they were concerned about us, and also had BIG NEWS to tell us. Jesse also said he and his family had decided to visit us here in Mexicali for Memorial Day.

Saturday morning, Jesse and family pulled up in front of our casa in their SUV, dragging a trailer with all their belongings.

Maude poured herself out of the front seat holding a big box of wine, and our two grandsons, Wilbur and Orville, now tall big strapping young teens, got out to greet us.

“Well, long time no see!” said Jim.

“Hya Dad, Mom!” said Jesse, “it’s great to see you!”

Maude then gave Jim and me hugs, and handing us the box of wine said, “Here’s a box of wine, guys – its Gambino’s Red Cinnamon Orange Wine – it’s a California wine.”

“Hey, that wine really sounds good,” said Jim, “C’mon in, you guys must be tired.”

Going inside, Wilbur said, “Hi Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Matthew. Dad said we’re big enough to join the football team soon! Ain’t that great news!”

“Yeah,” joined in Orville.

“Why, yes it is,” I said.

1500 Calories!!!

1500 Calories!!!

Everyone just crashed down on our living room sofa as I stepped into the kitchen and got some snacks – Hostess Twinkies, M&Ms, Nachos, Oreo Cookies, Planters Peanuts and Fritos Mini Bean Dip, and salt and vinegar pork rinds.

“Geez,” said Orville digging in, “all our favorite stuff.”

“Yeah,” I said, “and I got pork roast and baked potatoes in the oven.”

“Gonna boil some corn?” asked Wilbur.

“Whadaya think’s in that big pot on the stove,” said Jim.

“What’s with the trailer and stuff on top of your car?” I asked.



“Well, Mom, that’s the big news! We’re movin’ to Truth or Consequences,” said Jessie.

“Truth or Consequences?” asked Jim.

“Yeah, Dad, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, a small place just 120 miles from the Mexican border,” answered Jesse.

“Well, you could do that close to us in California, somewheres like Calexico,” I said.

“Can’t afford to stay in California! The place is getting way too expensive,” said Jesse, wiping his forehead. The sweat was just running down his shirt.

“Thought we would crash here over Memorial Day, if that’s OK with you guys,” said Jesse.

“Sure! we’ve got plenty of room here!” said Jim

Maude was quiet as usual – she’s real nice like an old-style woman. Matthew was keeping quiet too, except for the cracking sound of the pig rind he was stuffing into his face.

“Looks like you guys are having it real good here in Mexicali,” said Jesse.

“Yes we are, the place is great for us, and we’ve made some real nice friends here – this is our home now,” I said.

Jim picked up the box of wine, “Mind if I try some, Jesse?”

“Dad, we brought it for you guys,” answered Jesse.

Jim got a glass from the kitchen and returned to the big living room sofa. He picked up the box and read the label.
“Hey, this here Gambino’s Red Cinnamon Orange Wine is a pretty classy wine – says ‘varietal’ on the box, and that means it’s a top wine – varietal is some kinda certificate thing,” said Jim pouring a glass.

“Gramps, you sure know a lot about wine and stuff,” said Orville.

“Yeah,” added Wilbur.

Jim took a deep drink and started coughing, “CHRIST that stuff is strong!”

“Glad you like it, Dad,” said Jesse.

“OK,” said Jim gathering himself, “no just how are you guys going to support yourselves in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico.”

Ralph Edwards

Ralph Edwards

“It’s Truth or Consequences, Jim,” I said, “named for that radio guy, I think.”

“OK, whatever,” said Jim, finishing his glass of Gambino’s and pouring another.

“Yes, that radio fellow was John Edwards,” I said.

“No, John Edwards was the guy with the hair – that  politician guy who was sleeping around – it was Ralph Edwards,” said Jim.

“The porn guy,” giggled Orville.

“I don’t feel well,” interrupted Matthew, his mouth still full of pork rind.

“Well you just been stuffin your face with that fried pork fat – no wonder,” I said.

Matthew got up and headed for the bathroom.

“Thazz your Unc…Unca’ Matthew for you,” said Jim, and we all had a good laugh.

“You OK, Jim?” I asked.

“I’m OK,” answered Jim, who was slurring his words.

“Yeah, I can tell,” I said.

Turning to Jesse, I asked, “So what are you guys gonna do in Truth or Consequences to make a living.”

“It’s a small place, Mom, only about 7,000 people, but it has a couple of restaurants where Maude could work, and the high school has a football team for Orville and Wilbur. Maybe I could do some coaching work at the same high school.”

“Well, maybe with some luck,” I said.

“Think so, Dad?” asked Jesse.

Jim was asleep and snoring on the sofa.

Let’s hope he wakes up in time for Memorial Day,” I said.

“Yeah,” said Orville and Wilbur, together.

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