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My Tarlov Cyst recovery VI


Just a quick update on my tarlov cyst recovery.

When I was able to sit after my Tarlov cyst operation, I always had a small cushion on my lower back. I would do the same in the car, or when watching TV.

Only a week ago, I felt my spinal cord nerve was hurting me. Was I going backwards?

So, to fix myself up, I brought out my well-used tube of Capzasin pain relief crème—real stingy stuff which I used all the time, when I still had my Tarlov cysts. I applied it down my spine. Oh dear, it really burnt!  I had no idea that Capzasin ointment was so strong? I felt pain in my spinal cord nerve.

I freaked and called out to Jim, “Jim, what’s wrong? Why is it so tender around my spinal chord?—help!”

I lay flat on the bed, chest down, while Jim prodded my spine.

“Here? Is this where the pain is?” asked Jim.

“Yes . . . right there!” I said.

“I see some ointment, Maryann . . . what in tarnation are you doing with your back?” said Jim

“I had some discomfort on my spine, so I rubbed some Capzasin pain reliever on it, and now it’s worse! What’s happening?”

“Stop with the Capzasin pain thing, that’s real strong stuff,” said Jim.

“Are you still using the little pillow for your back?” he asked.

“Well, yes.”

Spinal nerves

Spinal nerves (Click to enlarge)

“Well, stop, using that pillow; I think it’s putting pressure on the nerves just where they come out of the spinal chord,” said Jim calmly.

I stopped using my trusty little back pillow, and within two days, I began to feel great!

“Jim, I was using my little pillow when I was sitting up to prop up my lower back,” I said, “and now that I’ve stopped using it, I feel fantastic—no nerve pain!”

“Looks like the pillow was pushing against the S1 nerve right where it comes out of the spinal chord, and now that you are getting better-you don’t need that pillow no more!” Jim said

Well, now, no more little pillows to prop up my lower back.  The nerve pain is gone and I am doing fine. How about that?

Nine months post-op, and things begin to change.  Day by day, I can feel the tender area around my incision getting smaller, as I get better and better.

I am walking pain-free, and my medications are Lyrica and Soma.

My back, which needed propping up, now no longer requires it.

For showers, I have my chair to sit on. I use liquid soap and a small towel and am careful, real careful, not to slip.

Who’s a better doctor than my Jim?

[Our thanks to for permission to use their spinal diagram, above.]

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