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Tarlov cyst recovery VII

Twiggy is anything but...

Twiggy is anything but...

My last Tarlov cyst recovery report to you was on 14th of June 2010. I am now in my 11th month post-op Tarlov cyst surgery now and taking Lyrica and Soma.

In the past I took care of our cat, Twiggy, by shaving her. For a while after the operation, I could not really take care of Twiggy—now I can. For a long period, I was shaving away her hair, and cleaning her everyday. This routine stopped when I got too ill, was in pain and could not walk.

Twiggy is a Ragdoll breed of cat. She has a long body, short legs and long fur. Ragdoll cats are known for having dog-like personalities. That’s my Twiggy. She will follow Jim around, and even step on his foot, to get his attention, while giving out a big “meow.”

Twiggy also has a bad temper. She does not tolerate strangers. Twiggy is a huge and heavy cat, as are most Ragdolls and weighs about 20 pounds. With her long body and short legs it is impossible for her to clean herself.

When I got really ill, Twiggy usually got an infection. Our wonderful super veterinarian, Dr Rafael Minero in Mexicali would put her to sleep (temporarily) while his nurses clipped and cleaned away her fur and infection.

Dr. Rafael's card

Dr. Rafael's card

Now that I am much better, I got the clippers and pinned Twiggy down with my left leg, while sitting slightly bent over on the kitchen floor. I managed to shave her just halfway and gave Twiggy a thorough cleaning. It took me a good 30 minutes to complete this task. Twiggy ran off immediately and I sat on the kitchen floor with my leg left extended out.

After I had finished, I got up and my left leg was numb. Now that was an interesting moment!

After I sat down on the sofa, my left leg came back to normal within 15 to 20 minutes. I told Jim about it.

“Well, MaryAnn, you’ve been bending over cleaning Twiggy for a good half hour. I’m sure that triggered off your S1 nerve!” said Jim.

So, anytime my S1 nerve is shaken or stirred my left leg is affected.

These Tarlov cysts love the spinal cord and reside along the S1 to S5 nerves at the base of the spine. After Tarlov cyst surgery, one has to allow the affected nerves to heal and to calm down.

Twiggy, again

Twiggy, again

Physical therapy on any Tarlov Cyst survivor is not good idea. So, I just take short walks for exercise.

In the U.S. where Vicondin and other opiate drugs are popular, those who have had the operation feel great, when they really aren’t. They can let themselves move around and exercise too much – and the result can be lifelong pain, and more operations.

In Mexico, Vicodin and similar opiate drugs like codeine, hydrocodone, and the current favorite OxyContin are unknown. Oxycontin is approximately 1.5-2 times as potent as morphine when administered orally. These drugs essentially generate morphine in your system and are addictive.

Insofar as Tarlov cyst operations go I think I am as good as it gets. I will continue to keep everyone posted.

God Bless!

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