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The Best Vet in Mexicali!

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Mexican Auto Insurance

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Mexico Insurance

My new $25 wardrobe

The "Open Sunday" store

The "Open Sunday" store

I wanted new T-shirts and pants. So off we went, the three of us, to Calexico. It’s cheaper to buy electronics, clothes, shoes and certain food items in the US than in Mexicali.

As usual, we had to line up and wait for our turn at the border crossing—it took a little over an hour.

As we approached the border from the Mexicali side, heavily armed Mexican soldiers and police were out everywhere – checking all vehicles waiting to enter the US. They had police dogs with Mexican handlers going around the various vehicles, sniffing everything out. A couple people had to get out of their cars, while the dogs got in—sniff, sniff.

“Gee, this is somethin’ we don’t see everyday, MaryAnn. These are soldiers not just the police that are standin’ around with their guns, I wonder what’s happening?” asked Jim.

“Yes, it is strange. I guess Mexico is trying to catch any drugs before they hit the U.S. Border Patrol guys,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m tired of these long waits to cross the border, we’re gonna get us to that fast lane pass where those cars just zoom right up to the border people!” fumed Jim.

“You are? That’s wonderful. I could probably walk across to the other side now much faster than what we’re doin’, Jim,” chuckled Matthew.

Jim turned off the truck engine, and got out. “Here’s your chance Matthew—Walk!” said Jim a bit red in the face. That long wait in the truck does take its tool.

Matthew was stunned and said, “No Jim, no Jim, I didn’t mean to say it that way.”

Jim got back into the truck. Matthew started to cry, ” I’m sorry Jim, I’m sorry!”

“Jim this is so unlike you! Let’s all have some chocolate? That’s what’s missin’ here for all us. I swear this fruit juice diet is gettin’ to you Jim,” I said.

I just happened to have some Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, tucked away for such emergencies. As everyone chomped away getting their chocolate fix, I saw Jim calming down.

“I think you should give that fruit juice diet a rest and we’ll have some burgers when we hit Calexico and ice-cream. What do you think?” I asked.

“Good idea. Matthew, you want some ice-cream too?” asked Jim.

“Whatever you say Jim, whatever you say,” whispered Matthew.

Our turn finally came and we wheeled up to the check point. The border patrol guard asked us the usual questions including, “Do you live in Mexicali?”

“Sure do Sir, beats the hell outta’ livin’ in a tent in America with all them other folks that cant make it with that’s goin’ on in America – ain’t no way most folks can make it on social security,” said Jim.

“Yeah, I understand – you have a nice day now,” said the border guard.

Well, we had lunch at McDonald’s, and Jim finally had his burger, washed down with a chocolate milkshake.  Everyone was happy.

We parked our truck in the shopping center in Calexico, which is right next door to the border crossing.  “I don’t want to walk too far now,” I said.

“I know MaryAnn, I know,” said Jim.

One price fits all in this store!

One price fits all in this store!

It was a lucky day for us! We found a store that sold T-Shirts and pants for just over $1.  How about that? It didn’t seem to have a name other than a sign saying “Open Sunday” over the door. We went in.

The nice saleslady showed me my size, and got all the colors I wanted of T-Shirts and pants. The total bill came to a bit under $25!!!

I told the saleslady, I would be back for more, you know, the autumn-winter selection—at those prices, I have become a fashion plate.

“I’ll keep your sizes available, MaryAnn,” smiled the saleslady.

All in all, it was a great day for me. I had found what must be the best and cheapest shop in the entire universe!

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