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My friend Becky may lose her job to a foreign worker

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Designed by Obama to replace American workers

Last week, I received a phone call from an old friend, Becky.

Becky is an occupational therapist, and her husband, Hank, used to work for a big corporation in Peoria, Illinois.

Becky and Hank still live in their 3,000 sq feet beautiful home in Peoria  and still have to pay $11,000 year in property taxes.

Designed by Obama to replace American workers

“MaryAnn, I am very worried. I am trying to hold onto my job!” cried Becky.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, as a contractor, my job is like a temp, I may lose it!” said Becky.

“How? You’ve been doin’ great the last time we spoke?” I asked.

“Yeah, well Hank has been retired from his job from CAT…” said Becky.

“Really? We had no idea.” I said.

“Yes, they offered him early retirement, and he didn’t take it? Can you believe that? Well now he’s out!” said Becky

“Now it seems to be my turn!” she continued.

Advertising to replace American workers

“Here’s the deal. These big hiring companies are bringing in people from the Philippines to take over our jobs.  They are all younger, more energetic, and will work for less pay. Since they are hired as contractors, the hiring company doesn’t have to pay them any benefits!” Becky sighed.

Becky continued, “Anyone who is 55 and above, our job positions are shaky! I may well lose mine.”

“It’s all about low wages and costs, these hiring companies just want profits, and they will do anything to get it. It’s not about us, the American people!” said Becky.

“…well of course; these foreigners will have to take the American exam, that’s nothing to them. They get hired on an H1b visa, they get their green cards, and then, they bring in their families!” said Becky.

“I am sorry to hear about this. It’s news to us, as in Mexico, we tend to live in a different world Becky,” I said.

“Look, you’re not fired yet, and even if you are, you can apply for another temp position at another hospital or company,” I said.

“Well, living here in Peoria ain’t cheap. There are a ton of bills to pay!” cried Becky.

“Hank’s gonna get his social security in a month or so, and I will get mine soon, I don’t know…. So I just wanted to hear what you had to say” said Becky.

“It’s great here in Mexicali, you both could do just fine here,” I said.

“I don’t know if Hank is ready to leave Peoria, his family is here,” said Becky.

“That’s a decision you and Hank will have to make,” I said.

“What are we gonna do? We still have Tommy to put thru’ high school; Tommy isn’t gonna like hearing any of this bad news; I think we might just rent an apartment and he can still go to school,” said Becky

“It seems you have made up your mind. But just in case, you could always put Tommy in school in Calexico, right across the border from Mexicali—lots of folks here do it,” I said.

Mexicali on the left – On the right, Calexico, where the bank owns most of the homes

“Calexico? Oh the US town. I don’t think our boy Tommy would be real happy about that,” sniffled Becky.

“You know we had Tommy late in life, and we have given him the best that we can? You understand MaryAnn?” said Becky

“Yes I do. I’m just telling you what the options are,” I said.

“Things have changed so much since we were growing up. I remembered we could visit our doctor, in his clinic, anytime.” said Becky

“Now, it’s making appointments, paperwork—I know since I am a contractor caring for old folks,” said Becky

“Yes I understand,” I said, “we had those problems too back in the states.”

“Well, I may have to go pick fruit at $12 bucks an hour huh?” joked Becky.

“$12 bucks an hour? That’s a good rate,” I said.

“Oh MaryAnn, you’ve been out too long now!” said Becky.

“Well, maybe,” I answered.

“MaryAnn, I just wanted to keep you posted. We might come for a visit? Is that OK with you?” asked Becky.

“Of course.” I said.

“I am gonna let you go now, I just don’t know what we are going to do?” wailed Becky

“You take care of yourself now Becky,” I said.

I hung up wondering how Obama plans to put more Americans back to work, when he’s bringing in foreigners to replace Americans.

I asked Jim who said, “Seems to me that this Obama fellow is only working for those  big corporate guys.”

Jim paused for a moment and then said, “Geez, $11,000 a year for property tax. I bet Becky and Hank have a big mortgage on that place—say what you will about Mexico, but at least, here, most people own their own homes and only pay a couple of bucks property tax.”

Jim paused for a moment and then stood up and said, “Hey MaryAnn and Matthew, let’s drive over to Calexico for a coffee.”

That’s my Jim!

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