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A quick trip to El Centro and Calexico

Famous Dave's in El Centro

Famous Dave's in El Centro

We started our day off with lunch at Sonorense, our favorite restaurant in Mexicali. Jim and Matthew had eggs, bacon and french fries. I had my favorite dish of the halibut steam baked in a delicious soup of tomatoes, onions and garlic.

We then went to La Farmacia la Mas Barata to get my refill of Lyrica. Our favorite lady pharmacist showed us they had 300 gram Lyrica. But I got my usual 150 grams. There was a new sign posted on La Farmacia la Mas Barata—only 60 pesos to see their doctor in residence- consultation hours are from 8am -11pm—no appointment needed. Hey, gang, 60 pesos is less than 5 bucks.

“That’s terrific” said Jim. Anytime we need an emergency backup, we can visit this doctor, and for only 60 pesos!”

We needed a new computer keyboard, so off we drove to El Centro in the US. Waiting at the border, this Monday afternoon, was not long at all. We are going to get our Sentri pass soon, which gets us into the fast lane to the US border.

There was a young woman walking around, weaving in and around the vehicles waiting to cross into the US. She had a pony-tail, slim-built, and carried a handbag. “Look, does she need a lift? Her face looks sad?” said Matthew.

“Well, we ain’t gonna help her out. She may be carrying drugs on her!” said Jim. I agreed. Just then the girl caught my eye, and came to my window. I shook my head.

“You have to wonder if she wants to cross, why not use the walkway and get thru’ the Border Customs there?” I asked. Odd.

The day was hot, and it was 4.30pm when we drove into El Centro’s Imperial Valley Mall. We drove to Best Buy, and bought our computer keyboard. We had been using a fancy Microsoft wireless keyboard, but it proved to be useless—a piece of junk. No wonder Microsoft offers a return policy on it!

“These wireless things are no good Jim. It’s just like the flat screen TVs. They keep coming up with new models, with wireless connections from the computer to the TV, for movies, and what not. I’m glad we have our trusty old TV!” I said.

“Nothing like watching the movies in green and black,” joked Jim.

“Hey, that’s right—I never noticed,” exclaimed Matthew.

“When our old TV goes, we can go to the second-hand store in Mexicali, where we can get a new one for $30—you know the place Jim—where they display all the used wheelchairs?” I said.

“Sure do, MaryAnn. We can get just about anything second-hand in Mexicali,” smiled Jim.

Sign in Famous Dave's

Sign in Famous Dave's

With our new computer keyboard, we decided to have dinner at “Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.” It was a great treat. Bar-B-Qued ribs, cornbread, brisket, mashed potatoes, string beans and 3 iced-teas. Price- $45!

The restaurant was hopping with people, mainly at the bar, all watching football. We gave the nice waitress a good tip, remembering how hard these young people were working. It was a little splurge—I know.

Famous Dave's bread pudding!

Famous Dave's bread pudding!

After Dave’s, I said “Let’s go to Wal-Mart in Calexico.” Off we went. Jim and Matthew let me out at the entrance, while they looked for a parking spot. I thought to myself, “MaryAnn, let’s see what we can do here.”

You know, it is always difficult when one has had back surgery. I know I will never be the same again.

It’s a painful realization that comes after one year for me. I know that for me, the end result is—I can walk and I can’t walk. I had always walked the Wal-Mart path, facing the cashiers. Walking is not the problem. It’s standing, and looking at items, which I can’t do. With Jim and Matthew back, I said “I’m going to use the handicap scooter. I want to check out the store myself—it’s time!”

I got onto the scooter, and carefully drove around Wal-Mart. There were tons of people. No one looked. “Oh good!” I said to myself silently. I started looking out for other handicapped people. That’s what happens! A sense of camaraderie! It’s just not me. There were old people in wheelchairs, being pushed around, and other people on scooters who looked comfortable, as they shopped.  This was my first time! I silently cried. Life-full of surprises.

Jim got his own shopping cart, while Matthew drifted off to look at the flowers and laundry products. We picked up cans of tuna, ham, cheese and a nice size brisket! I zipped around, got myself some hoop earrings, lipstick, a leopard print shirt and a leopard print purse. It’s the latest style accessory!

I got up out of the scooter many times to gaze at all the girlie items. A woman looked at me. She must be thinking that I was faking it.

Jim had picked up clothes hangers and cat litter. Matthew got his Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream for $4. We’ll be eating tuna sandwiches for the whole week.

We checked out. I walked, pain-free, with my purse, slung on my right shoulder. We loaded everything into the truck.

It was just a wonderful day for me. A day of acknowledgement. That’s how I have to shop! My new keyboard works great for only $30 with tax.

And we still have to watch the replay of the US tennis open, with Rafael Nadal winning.

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