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Mexican Auto Insurance

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Information on other places in Mexico

Puerto Escondido on the Pacific Ocean

Puerto Escondido on the Pacific Ocean

Mexicali is perfect for us, but there may be some parts of Mexico that suit some of our readers better. We have permission to include information from International Living folks that might be of interest. (Jim says to remind everybody that “We ain’t gettin’ paid” for this.)

So here goes with some interesting stuff from International Living:

“The water IS beautiful… but we came here to survive financially.”

Here is an alluring dollop of sand in the Caribbean… a place where palms rustle in the warm sea breezes… where the shops that line the town’s main street (packed sand, no blacktop) are all splashed bright — this one pink, that one yellow. In this place, you’re never far from the beach… from a bowl of fresh shrimp ceviche… and glorious sunsets that demand you stand still and watch.

Six months ago, Maggie, a therapist, decided she needed more of those sunsets. She’d finally had it with the two-hour commute and the ten-hour work days. So she and her husband Tony, a chef — decided it was time to retire.

They packed up their belongings outside San Francisco and traded up to a better life.

Now they can see the ocean from their deck. Their yard is full of coconut palms. And this life in the tropics costs less than half what they paid to live in the States.

“I get to see beautiful sunsets from our living room window,” says Maggie. “The other day, I free dived for lobster in the turquoise waters.

“Back in the San Francisco area, there was no way we could afford not to work. We would have burned through our money. And in seven years, I would have been knocking on the door at the Safeway Supermarket, asking for a job in the deli!”

Instead, today Maggie and Tony live three minutes (in flip-flops) from a sparkling white sand beach where bottle-nosed dolphins play offshore.

The pace is right. “I’ve slowed down and taken a breath and am totally appreciative of life,” Maggie says. “I love the smell of the flowers and the ocean and the sound of the song birds. I am happy. Life is simple. I have fun every day. I feel free for the first time in my life.”

And that freedom costs a lot less than life did up north.

“Instead of $15,000 in property taxes, we’ll pay $112 this year. We’re living comfortably… happily on $1,219 a month.”

On the Yucatan Gulf coast, you can still find houses just a block from the beach selling for less than $100,000. Mexico offers such incredible value, plus…  wonderful weather, vibrant colonial towns, postcard-perfect beaches, rugged highlands, welcoming locals (many of whom speak English). This February, we’ll introduce you to our favorite spots in this country, where you can live very well — including a maid and gardener three times a week — for about $2,100 a month (quite a bit less if you’re willing to forego luxuries like household help!).

Well, there you go and, again, Jim says, “Tell’em we ain’t gettin’ paid for this, and tell’em we got a maid once a week.”

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