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Our new cat, Caesar!



We found our new cat, Caesar, when Jim was out walking in our front deck.

Jim does this just before he goes to bed. Jim also feeds the neighborhood cats, a bunch of regulars that come to Cat Soup Kitchen at our home.

“MaryAnn, quick come out and see! There is a cat lying on our cat castle, and he’s hurt and bleedin’!” said Jim, as he quickly opened the front door.

I got up from my recliner, muted the TV, and went outside.

There was a very thin dark grey cat, lying on our outside cat castle, and he appeared to have injuries to his chest. I went to him, and patted him on his large head, and told him “You’ll be alright.”

The grey cat opened his eyes, and I stepped back. He has the most vivid gold copper yellow eyes I have ever seen.

“Jim, he looks just like the cat that was in the movie, Pet Cemetery, look at his eyes, they are scary!” I said.

“Yup, but he’s darn clever to come here. He’s a real smart fellow. I’m going to get the pet carrier and you get a towel,” declared Jim quickly.

I got the towel, placed it in the carrier, and we went to check on our sick friend.

“You’re better at picking him up, MaryAnn. I’m no good at this!” said Jim, checking his watch.

“It’s 12am, Sunday morning! I hope we can find a vet at this time of night!” said Jim.

I carefully lifted up the injured cat and gently placed him into the carrier.  He looked up at me with those scary yellow eyes and seemed to know what I was doing.

Our dog, Rex sat and waited quietly, watching.

Matthew came out of his bedroom, with our cat, Twiggy. Our other cat, Moss, was sitting on the dining table.

“What’s going on?” asked Matthew.

“Rescuing sick cat, I’m looking at the yellow pages Matthew,” said Jim concentrating hard.

As Jim was going thru’ the Mexicali yellow pages, I brought Rex inside.

“Here MaryAnn, there’s a vet here, emergency 24 hours!” said Jim.

Jim got the phone and called the number. The vet was in and we were on our way!

“Matthew you stay here, we’ll be back soon,” said Jim.

It took us a half hour’s drive to Calle Indepedencia, where the vet’s clinic was located.

We got the introductions out of the way. Dr Caesar was the name of the young good-looking vet.

He took the very sick cat out of the pet carrier, and lifted him up, and said, in perfect English, “Yes, he’s going to be fine. I’m going to treat him right now.”

We had to leave the cat with the vet, but we visited (who was to become) our new cat every other day that we could.

After 3 weeks of intensive care in the clinic, our new cat was ready to go home with us.

We discovered, in our conversations with Dr. Caesar, that he had graduated as a veterinarian from the University of San Diego in California,.

Caesar, our new cat, named in honor of the vet that saved his life, has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives.

Since Caesar has been with us, he has put on weight, and looks nothing like his old self. New fur has grown over his tail. He looks like a muscle man. Hi head is large sitting on a thick neck. His wounds have healed completely.

Caesar on my recliner

Caesar on my recliner

Whenever Caesar wants to do anything or does anything, he will scream loudly. Yes, scream.

He is an extremely vocal cat, and he jumps up onto my recliner to say good morning to me and Jim, giving out a big loud scream!

Caesar was lucky that we found him, but we were even luckier!

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