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November in Mexicali

It was a very nice November morning. The weather was in the cool 70’s in the morning. At night, we finally slept with no air-conditioning. As we get closer to Christmas, however, Mexicali weather will get chillier by the day. But, for now, we are having LA weather!

I brought out my steaming cup of coffee, using the Mexican LaLa brand of milk. We don’t have half and half here. We love Shamrock’s half and half.

I sat on our new patio chair with my notepad, with our little patio table which now sits in the corner of our front porch. I went thru it and I was amazed at the interesting stuff I had jotted down—some trivia on Mexicali and Mexico.

Lupita Jones

Lupita Jones

Mexicali’s Miss Lupita Jones was the 1991 Miss Mexico and the first Mexican lady to become Miss Universe.  Lupita Jones recently accompanied the new Miss Universe or 2010, Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete, to Mexico City.

On to tamales! We get our fresh tamales just down the block from Rodrigo. He sells both the white and red hot tamales. We had never heard of sweet white tamales with piña, a thin sliver of pineapple at the center. Tamales go way back and were one of the staples found by the Spanish Conquistadors when they first arrived in Mexico. We love tamales, and Matthew usually visits Rodrigo in the morning to get fresh tamales for our breakfast.

We visited Wal-Mart in Calexico a couple of days ago. As usual it was packed. While Jim parked the truck, I waited for a handicapped scooter. None! All were taken. I was nervous, but I needed to get things done. When Jim and Matthew arrived, we all walked into Wal-Mart, together.

My condition has changed in my thought process when I have to walk in such a big store. I used to run around and elbow my way in to whatever I wanted to grab.

Now, I plan. I decide what I need to get, and make short cuts to the correct aisle. No more cruising around and looking—unless I have a scooter. Anyway, early Christmas shopping had to be done! We are planning for the kids and grandkids to visit.

Some Mexicali residents already have their Christmas trees up!  Our hard-working trash collectors (they lift everything by hand) will get their tips from the Mexicali residents. It’s a tradition. We are all psyched up for the holidays.

Carlos Slim Jr. and his bride

Carlos Slim Jr. and his bride

Carlos Slim Jr., 43, got married in October, last. He is the eldest son of the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú, named by Forbes magazine as the richest man in the world with a net worth of $60 billion dollars.

The bride, 27, is the granddaughter of film actress Maria Elena Marqués Rangel and daughter of Miguel Torruco, president of the National Tourism Confederation of Mexico.

Maria Elena’s gown was designed by famed Oscar de la Renta. Her wedding train went from her shoulder all the way down, embossed with small white flowers. I think it is the most spectacular wedding gown I have seen. The beautiful bride and her handsome husband made a beautiful couple.

The ceremony took place at San Agustin de Polanco church, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Mexico City.

The event was attended by the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, as well as former president Vicente Fox, former US president Bill Clinton, former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, billionaire Warren Buffett, and Nobel Prize winner in literature Gabriel Garcia Márquez and hundreds of important political and business figures. No, we didn’t go.

The Lazy Lizard

The Lazy Lizard

We still have constant earthquake jolts! I didn’t feel the last big one and carried on stirring my beef stew. Matthew and our dog, Rex, hid under the dining table.

All of the current earthquakes come from the small nearby California town of Ocotillo. According to the United States Census Bureau there are two places to get a drink in Ocotillo—the Old Highway Cafe and the Lazy Lizard Saloon.

That’s not bad for a town of 296 people.

Actually, Ocotillo is not a bad place to retire. It’s very affordable, and near to the “big town” of El Centro. It may not be the place for Carlos Slim Jr. and his bride, or even for Lupita Jones, but it would be great for plenty of folks.

Aside from the two bars, Ocotillo has a church, a super dirt bike jumping ramp, a post office and even an airport!!!.

Ocotillo dirt bike jumping ramp

Ocotillo dirt bike jumping ramp


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