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Come fly with me – from Mexicali!

Mexicali International Airport

Mexicali International Airport

Here in Mexicali, we have the Mexicali International Airport. It’s a great airport. It’s great because you can fly from Mexicali to any point in Mexico and save a bundle of money compared to flying from the U.S.

The Mexicali International Airport is also great because it is virtually empty—no pat downs and no scanners.

One of Jim’s former bosses, Clint, and his wife, Maggie, wanted to visit their daughter, Susan who now lived in Mexico City with her Mexican husband, Fernando. Clint called Jim to ask if he knew of any cheap flights.

“Well, c’mon down, and stay with MaryAnn and me for a day or so, and you and Maggie can take off from Mexicali International Airport!” said Jim smiling.

Clint now lived in Tucson, so the drive to Mexicali would be short.

“Maybe you have an idea there,” answered Clint.

“Yeah,” said Jim, “That way you could avoid those pat-downs and body scanners—they don’t do that stuff here.”

“You’re kiddin!” exclaimed Clint.

Mexicali International Airport - interior

Mexicali International Airport - interior

“Scouts honor,” replied Jim.

Finally, with the chit-chat done on the phone, it was agreed that Clint and Maggie would drive down to Mexicali, stay with us, and take their flight to Mexico City from Mexicali International Airport.

Jim checked the fares out to Mexico City.  It all worked out to be a whole lot cheaper.  Flying to Mexico City from Mexicali round trip for one adult would cost $478. Flying from Tucson it would cost $761.

“Geez,” said Jim, “for Clint and Maggie the savings would be $566! Plus they would have one less stop on the way.”

Jim picked up the phone and called Clint right back with the good news.

Several days later, we met up with Clint and Maggie at Calexico’s main attraction—Wal-Mart, where they followed us back to Mexicali.

Mexicali International Airport - restaurant

Mexicali International Airport - restaurant

When we reached our home, Clint was surprised, saying “Well, I’ll be darn Jim, you and MaryAnn have a real cozy little place here. See that Maggie, we could all live here, real comfy!”

All Maggie had in her mind was to visit Susan. “Yes, Clint, we should spend a few days with Jim and Maryann, but our reservation is for tomorrow.”

“Hey, then we better get to bed pretty soon,” said Jim, “your flight leaves at 4:00am.”

“No it don’t,” answered Clint, “we booked the non-stop flight which doesn’t leave until 8:10am.”

“But, that’ll cost you guys more,” said Jim.

“Yeah, nineteen buck more, Jim, the direct flight costs only $497 round trip—gets us to Mexico City in less than 4 hours. Of course, I guess we’ll have to be at the airport two hours in advance.”

“What for,” said Jim, “to watch the cleaning ladies?”

“Well, how long is the drive to the airport?” asked Clint.

“About twenty minutes,” answered Jim.

Mexicali International Airport - services

Mexicali International Airport - services

“We better make some allowance for the traffic,” countered Clint.

“Ain’t no traffic,” laughed Jim.

“I’ll have to phone Susan and keep her posted on our arrival!” said Maggie, already getting herself comfortable on our couch, and reaching out to a cocktail that Jim had prepared.

“Humm…this is good Jim,” said Maggie. “What is it? “

“White Russian. I used MaryAnn’s favorite bottle of Kahlua, and made a whole big jug of it, vodka, fresh ice and all!” beamed Jim.

“Let me try it!” gruffed Clint.

“It’s right here!” said Jim handing him a glass.

“Now what’s the plan?” asked Clint, sitting himself down next to Maggie.

“Well, you both stay a night with us, and tomorrow, you guys take off from the Mexicali Airport,” said Jim.

“And on our way back, we can stay a couple of days, OK?” said Clint, gesturing for more of Jim’s cocktail.

“Here let me get you another glass,” I said, while looking at my now half empty bottle of Kahlua.

“Jim, how much of the Kahlua did you put in with the milk and the vodka?” I asked.

“Not much, I tried it, and it tasted fine!” said a happy Jim.

Mexicali International Airport - parking lot guard gate

Mexicali International Airport - parking lot guard gate

By the time the jug of White Russian was finished, everyone was fine!

Matthew had returned with bagfuls of pastries, and tamales, both the red hot and the sweet whites.

We were in for a treat.

The next morning, we drove Clint and Maggie to the Mexicali International Airport, which is on the route we always take to Los Algodones.

When we got to the airport, Clint said, “Why this place is empty, nothin like the states.”

We helped both Clint and Maggie get organized. When their flight was called, we said our good-byes.

“I’ll call you when we’re ready to come back Jim! You and MaryAnn have been just wonderful to the both of us.” said Clint, who was holding onto his boarding pass.

Maggie was excited to see her daughter, Susan and son-in-law, Fernando.  Susan was also pregnant with their first child, which made it even more exciting.

“You both have helped us so much, we couldn’t have done this alone. We can’t take the pat-downs and the naked scanner photos. I have a new knee and a new hip! I don’t know if I could get thru’ it easily, MaryAnn. …And a TSA man was caught doing you know what?….while looking at the naked photos, oh no!” laughed Maggie.

“Of course, Maggie, and we will see you both when you get back from Mexico City. God Speed!” I said waving to them as they walked into the exit lounge with no pat-downs and no scanners.

Yes, folks, foreign visitors to Mexico is up about 20% from 2009, and there will be even more Mexican airports close to the U.S. border.

San Diego is moving to establishing a cross-border terminal that would connect the U.S. side via a pedestrian bridge to Tijuana’s A.L. Rodriguez International Airport.

It will be a huge $77.9 million terminal and has been approved by the U.S Department of State. There will also be hotels, parking lots and retail shops. A 525-foot pedestrian bridge will connect the American side directly to the Tijuana airport. Only ticketed passengers would be allowed to cross.

Fly the friendly skies (and airports) of Mexico!

2 comments to Come fly with me – from Mexicali!

  • Al:
    I can’t vouch for the airport parking lot, but it has been manned when I am there. Guess it should be OK. Have a nice trip.
    God Bless,

  • Al

    Wow, found this after posting a reply on another thread. Great blog. Is it safe to park for 4-5 days at Mexicali Airport? Anything to worry about driving their for a midnight red eye? I’ll be coming from Yuma. Thansk

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