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Our New Microwave

My last Tarlov Cyst blog was on September 5th 2010. It is now 1 year and 3 months since I have had my Tarlov cyst surgery.

Yesterday was a big day, big because we had a 4.9 earthquake close to Mexicali. The nearby town of Ocotillo, CA, has an earthquake nearly every day.

Today was very busy day. Our old microwave broke down after three years. It was a great microwave!

Wal-Mart Mexicali

Wal-Mart Mexicali

We did most of our cooking using it all the time. After much contemplation, and checking the prices of a similar microwave, our old one being 1.1 cubic feet, of whether we should buy it online and bring it into Mexicali from the States, or buy it here. So Jim, Matthew, and I went to Wal-Mart, here in Mexicali.

We parked the truck about 300 feet back from Wal-Mart’s entrance – the closest we could get. I walked with Jim and Matthew, with no cane, to Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart was full of people, browsing, looking and lifting goods and boxes into their shopping carts. We were surrounded with flat-screen TVs, lap-top computers, almost everything a person would want for Christmas!

We went straight to the Microwave section. I quickly gleamed at all the model displays, and my eyes settled on a beautiful white princess of a microwave an “LG” (Life is Good).

“This one Jim!” I said, placing my hand on the model.

“Now let me see what it has?” as I rustled into my handbag to get my glasses.

“Says here it’s 2 cubic feet MaryAnn! That’s bigger than the one we had!” said Jim beating me to the punch.

Our new microwave!

Our new microwave!

“That’s the one Jim, she’s just beautiful! Look at her,” I gawked, this time with my glasses on.

“Is that how women choose electronic stuff? Just lookin’ at the pretty colors?” asked Jim with a quizzical look.

“Yes, that’s how I do it Jim; now let’s see how much this beauty costs?” I asked quickly, with my hand still on the model.

“Aren’t you goin’ to take your hand off so I can see MaryAnn? We don’t know the price?” said Jim shaking his head.

“Oh yeah…let me get my arm away, I just want to make sure that they still have this baby! Oh good…I see 3 boxes below me!” I said hurriedly.

“It costs about US$146! Well, I’ll be darn, what a great price. Lookin’ at it I thought it would be more. Cheaper to shop here at Wal-Mart than buying online!” said Jim looking at his pocket calculator.

“Let me choose the new box Jim!” I said, pushing him out of the way.

“MaryAnn, don’t you lift that box now! ….OK…this one correct…, you like this box? I will get it. Where’s Matthew?” said Jim, again shaking his head.

With our new LG white microwave safely loaded into our cart, we now had to look for Matthew.

We had to move along, as more people were coming to buy microwaves. I saw 2 more people carrying off the last remaining LG microwaves.

“You see that Jim, all gone! We got ours and the rest of the boxes went like hotcakes!” I said, getting flustered.

“Calm down MaryAnn. Now where is Matthew?” asked Jim, moving our cart along the aisle.

“There he is! Watching the cartoons on that gorgeous flat screen TV!…Oh my, look at that gorgeous TV honey!”

“Quick push the cart, and let’s check it out,” I said, walking towards Matthew.

“Aw, yes, she’s a real beaut Jim. The next time around eh? Good price now for LG flat screens, seven or eight thousand odd pesos…wow!” I said.

“It sure is better than our green and black TV,” said Matthew staring at the flat screen with lovelight in his eyes.

“Alright, this is the plan…Matthew you watch the cartoons, MaryAnn, you come and sit on this little stand where they have the fridges, and I will go wait in line and pay for the microwave. Got it?” said Jim.

“Yes, yes time for me to sit down,” I said, excitedly, as I edged myself to the tiny space on the low wooden stand that housed all the new fridges.

The lines were long, but within half and hour, –we were all walking back to the truck. We loaded up and drove off with our new LG microwave.

Now, I am doing good on Lyrica, Soma, and Aleve. The key is not to get my S1 nerve upset! I am still doing my leg exercises, but all other exercises that affect the S1 nerve is out. When I walk, I can walk just like the distance I did at Wal-Mart and back to the truck. I could continue to walk, but that would be pushing it.

It is all really very frustrating. I feel I am the same me, but it’s just my left leg and my S1 nerve. That’s where I always have to watch out for.

I can move pretty fast now, all over the place, “fast” means “normal walk” and that I don’t shuffle slowly, and no cane! But if the store has no scooters, especially a big place like Wal-Mart, I have a problem. So, a mental note to myself- go to the stores that do have scooters. No scooters will mean a wheelchair.

Now for me, a wheelchair is quite a dramatization – not ready for that yet!

After Wal-Mart we drove off to La Farmacia La Mas Barata, to get my Lyrica and Soma re-fills.

Boy, ain’t that a great feeling! Why? We by-pass the Primary Care Physician and by-pass the money-grabbing insurance companies. Boy, Primary Care Physician is such a lousy new-fangled name and concept. All he does is write prescriptions to see other doctors, and get his kickbacks. Whatever became of the good old Family Doctor?

Medicare, you ain’t got nothin’ for us!

Medicare has to sleep with an insurance company for folks to get any thing out of it.

All Medicare and the money-hungry insurance companies are just bloodsuckers. And that’s my constitutional opinion.

All of us had to pay for our flu-shots, which we thought Medicare was going to pay! And we all have to contribute to Medicare?

Medicare is just one big scam! Jim cancelled his Medicare Part B, since it was $96 a month. Plus that, the co-pay in the States usually came to $60. Here, we need no prescription, and no Medicare, and have no co-pay. A great doctor in Mexicali costs only about $25, much less than the co-pay back in the States.

At the pharmacy, Jim jumped out of the truck, while Matthew and I waited. Jim brought back the medications for me in no time at all. He is such a darling!

Next, I needed to do my grocery shopping, and Wal-Mart was too crazy for me with all the Christmas goings on.

So we go to a small, friendly supermarket near Wal-Mart.

There, I get my little red trolley, I visit my butcher, Alberto. “Ola Ola signors, ah, todos fresca si?” I said. “Ola, Frescarina! Si si!” said Alberto who gave me that name, which means something like “fresh lady.” I get my groceries done, all loaded up with meat, veggies and fruits, bananas and even red grapefruits today!

When we got home, I grabbed all the plastic bags of meat and quickly put them into our freezer. The men were tackling the new big box in the truck.

We paid US$146 for a 2 cubic feet LG microwave oven. I checked on the internet, and the cheapest was $166.01.

Our pets were so happy to greet us, especially Caesar who screamed when we came home! With all things put away, and our new microwave sitting on the table, next to our crock-pot and water bottle dispenser, I sat in my recliner, and the men on the sofas.

The other interesting thing that happens to me now, is that after 10 or 15 minutes, I bend my neck down, and I hear a “click’ in the back of my neck. I do this all the time, when I sit on a recliner, “click” my spine needs to be re-adjusted. “Click!” Imagine that? “Click.” How fascinating and interesting a feature of my post -Tarlov cyst back surgery! But if I’m sitting straight up, I don’t “click.” Hmmm.

I had made tuna sandwiches for lunch.

“What are we havin’ for dinner MaryAnn? You cookin’ or what?” asked Jim.

“Yes, dinner,” chimed in Matthew

“I know you guys hate to grocery shop with me, but we have food to cook now,” I answered.

So I whipped up an “Egg Foo Yung,” an omelet, with bean spouts, 2 small cans of tiny shrimp, eight eggs, a can of cut up spam, Chinese shredded lettuce, gravy sauce on the side, and served it for dinner.

“So Jim, for Christmas, let’s get Heather and Spike to get us the LG 32 flat screen honey! They can afford it! In fact, I’ll e-mail them later about it. If not that, then they could get us a smaller size flat screen maybe,” I said happily, “Wouldn’t that be some Christmas present, Jim?” I asked.

“Dunno, Heather’s got her moods, you’d better time it right MaryAnn,” said Jim with a knowing look. “Still it don’t hurt if we ask for one,” said Jim, while he gathered up all the plates and passing them to Matthew.

“Here, Matthew, you wash, “said Jim with a wink.

By now, I was ready to lie down on my bed, take my Lyrica and Soma, and just keep still!

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