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Christmas 2010



“Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful, since we have no place to go, let it snow let snow let it snow—it doesn’t show signs of stoppin, so I brought some corn for poppin, lights are turned down low, let it snow let it snow let it snow—,” crooned Frank Sinatra on our trusty old record player.

It’s not snowing here in Mexicali, but our thoughts are with those who are having a wintry wonderland. Our kids, Heather, husband, Spike and our precious granddaughter, Savannah have all made it safely down to our home. Jesse, wife, Maude and our wonderful grandsons, Wilbur and Orville have also arrived.

Oh, it’s super wonderful to have our family together again! Jim and I are walking around with big smiles on our faces, and Matthew is thrilled! He has Orville and Wilbur to entertain him with their football stories!

Even our pets, have smiles on their faces! The cats have to stay in our bedroom, but our dog, Rex, is free to roam.

We’re pulling out all the stops this year!

Jim and I bought a new artificial Christmas tree in Mexicali. They had them all lined up against a wall, and we spotted them while we were driving. A nice tall plastic Douglas fur with multicolored lights!

We dressed up our tree with ornaments and tinsel. We bought our turkey at Wal-Mart in Mexicali, got our menu of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, string beans, carrots, a plate of red hot tamales, a pumpkin pie, and Christmas cookies all lined up.

We bought cans of eggnog for a celebration drink.

All of the Christmas presents were wrapped and placed under the tree. Our home looked just beautiful. We got all our portable heaters going, and the aroma of turkey cooking in the oven. Ah—bliss!

Being Christmas Eve, all the grandchildren wanted to open their presents.

“Cmon’ grandma, we see our names right there on the presents, let us open them now. I can see some really big presents for us grandpa—can we” can we?” asked Wilbur, who pushed his brother in front of him. Both of them were stocky and big-boned, they had grown to be 5′ 11″, goodness, and were still in their teens.

” Hey, stop buggin’ grandma, we’ll open them when it’s time!” chipped in Jesse. “Check the boys out Ma, they are in the school football squad!” grinned Jesse. “They just might be our ticket to retirement?”

Jim and I are such big fans of football, that just maybe, Wilbur and Orville could make it as linesmen, at the rate they are growing.

“To get to the NFL, you boys have to be real big, real strong, and really fast!” said Jim.

“It’s a game you are born into. You gotta have talent. Look at them Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli—their dad, Archie, has to be just over the moon that his two sons are in the NFL!” declared Jim, grabbing Orville’s big neck.

“Yeah, grandpa! We work out everyday after school. Dad wants us to be the best we can!” said Orville.

“Your dad’s right son!” smiled Jim. “

“Right now—I just can’t get over Tom Brady’s hair?” said Jim, shaking his head.

“What’s with the long hair? He looks like that singer, Justin Beaver.” said Jim.

“It’s Justin Bieber, Dad,” said Jesse, nodding his head.

“I wish he would cut his hair short—gets in the way when he throws the ball!” said Jesse.

Brady and Bieber

Brady and Bieber

“Tom Brady has a hot wife…” giggled Orville and Wilbur.

I have her poster on my room door, Gisele… and Orville…he has Kendra’s poster in his room!” said Wilbur,” He really likes Kendra!”

gisele bundchen

gisele bundchen

“Shut up Orville!” I said.

“Now my money is on Michael Vick! …Vick is the perfect NFL model of passing, running, you name it, Vick’s got it” said Jim.

“He has made his atonement for all that dog fighting mess, and I agree with grandpa!” I chimed in.

“Our boys are wonderful at football!” said Maude.

“By the way did you like the wine we got for you all?…it was on special in Wal-Mart?” asked Maude.

Kendra married a football player

Kendra married a football player

“Yes, thank you Maude…real nice wine. We’ll open some later, but Matthew’s in charge of the eggnog…it’s home-made, extra rum, extra brandy and extra nutmeg!” said Jim, grinning away.

“Sounds great to me” said Jesse.

“Hamm…” said Maude.

“Don’t tell them we bought the bottle version Matthew” I whispered, “Let’s see if they can tell the difference?” Matthew nodded his head, and went away to check on our special eggnog

“Mom, we’re glad your back is as good as new, you scared us there.” said Heather. “I would have come down, but there was so much work to do, school, Savannah’s schoolwork, She is a valedictorian!”

“Oh my, Heather, did you hear that Jim, Savannah’s a valedictorian! That’s fantastic news! “I cried out.

“I thought you and dad would be pleased to hear it. She’s looking at Stanford,” beamed proud Heather.

“My back is fine now… your father took great care of me.”

“What are you doing now Heather?” I asked.

“I checking on my messages!” said Heather, looking down and rolling her phone.

“What’s that new gadget you got?” asked Jim.



“This new gadget is my Apple I Phone, 4,” said Heather.

“What’s Savannah up to? She’s real quiet sittin’ there!” I asked.

“Savannah, grandma is asking?” I said.

“Sorry grandma, I’m reading a book on my Kindle,” said Savannah.

“What Kindle? I am totally lost with you guys!” I asked.

“Here, grandma, see, this is the Kindle, and I can read thousands of books just on this!” said Savannah showing the Kindle to me.

“Well that’s a big screen you have?” I asked.

Kindle gadget

Kindle gadget

“Yes, Dad got me the 9-inch screen for Christmas! This is the best! I love it,” declared Savannah. As soon as she finished talking to me, her Apple I Phone rang.

“What don’t you have Savannah?”

Did you see all of this stuff Jim?” I asked.

“Mom, we work in San Jose, everyone there has all these new tech stuff that come out,” said Heather.

“I’m in charge of the data center for a Korean game site, we’re lucky to be right there where everything is happening in the tech world!” said Spike, with a big smile.

“Spike, you’re such a show-off—wait till my boys get drafted into the NFL!” said Jesse.

“Hey, we’re not in competition it’s just the type of work we are in!” answered Heather, who was listening to the conversation,

“Whatever…” said Jesse.

“That’s enough you two!” I said.

” We’re going to have dinner now,” I said, rounding everyone up.

“How’s that eggnog working out for you guys?”

“Matthew’s been hard at work with the eggnog,” said Jim.

“Uh…this stuff is strong, nothing for the kid’s, Dad. Uncle Matthew, it’s great, but I can taste the booze,” said Jesse.

“That’s the whole idea,” chuckled Matthew.

“A little more for you Spike?” asked Matthew as he poured more eggnog into Spike’s glass, while wearing his white gloves.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

“Oh wait…I have to get my Apple IPad. Who needs the newspapers these days,” smiled Spike, looking at Jesse.

Both men glared at each other.

“It’s Christmas Eve, and no one is going to ruin it for us!” I yelled.

So simmer down!” I said, as I downed my glass of eggnog so fast it ran down the sides of my mouth.

Our Christmas dinner was the grandest we have ever had.

Our turkey with chopped up tamales

Our turkey with chopped up tamales

Everyone was hungry, and Jim said Grace. Perfect timing. We gave a blessing to our men and women who were in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We opened Maude’s box of white wine, and each one of us made a wish and a toast.

It was now time to open the Christmas presents.

The kids dived into their presents.

Savannah got a book on entitled, The Course of Mexican History by Michael Meyer, William Sherman, and Susan Deeds (Paperback – Mar 12, 2010—the very latest book on the subject. We also gave her sa make up kit. She loved our choices.

Eli Manning & Michael Vick

Eli Manning & Michael Vick

Wilbur and Orville got Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback.

We also bought a Wilson NFL football from eBay for the boys. They loved their gifts. There were hugs around.

The kids went off to check out their gifts, while Savannah received endless phone calls from her friends.

Orville and Wilbur each had their own Android cell phones to call their friends.

We all sat down. I had bought a case of Negra Modelo beer and a case of Corona beer, and this time, everyone had a chance to compare Mexico’s beers.

We drank and chatted into the wee hours of the morning. The next day, late afternoon, everyone drove back to their homes. Jim, Matthew and I had the most wonderful Christmas with our family. We have begun to miss them already. When Caesar, our cat screamed, for his food, while Twiggy and Moss sat staring at me. Rex needed his walk
We were quickly jolted back to the reality of life in Mexicali, and the peace that overcame our home.

We wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

3 comments to Christmas 2010

  • Tami

    The “best of both worlds” is really what I am after. I love living here in Guadalajara, but unfortunately the time has come for me to pay back my student loans, which is not an easy thing to do living on pesos. So, I think moving to Mexicali would be a great option for the future (I am not quite ready to leave this beautiful city yet-plus I just agreed to another year with my employer and am under contract). Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am still looking it over to get as much information as I can about my possible future home.

    Tami 🙂

  • admin

    Thanks, Tami: Living in Mexicali and working in Calexico or even El Centro gets you the best of both worlds. You will pay about 1/3rd the rent in Mexicali, and be living on American wages. If you get a SENTRI pass, you have virtually no waiting time to get over to Calexico. And, yes, there is a lot more to Mexicali than the problems they talk about in the US. We have never experienced or seen any crime whatsoever in our three years here.
    God Bless,

  • Tami

    Nice blog. I am interested in possibly moving to Mexicali and working in Calexico (in the future). I am a US citizen, currently living and working in GDL. Mexico sure is a beautiful country, and it’s too bad that the only time we hear about Mexico is when the media covers the drug cartels. There is so much more to Mexico than that.

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