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Happy New Year 2011 Everyone!

Our lunch at El Pueblo Veijo

Our lunch at El Pueblo Veijo

Christmas was wonderful for us. Jim and I received a Panasonic Lumix—a black digital camera, and Matthew got a Yamaha portable keyboard from Jesse and Heather.

Everyone chipped in for Matthew’s gift, something he had always wanted.

Spike took charge of ordering our beautiful gifts from . We didn’t get our flatscreen TV, since we never asked, but we were so happy and thrilled with our new presents.

All day on the 30th of December 2010, Matthew stayed home to study his new Yamaha keyboard, which he has kept safely in his room.

Jim and I took off for Algodones to have lunch at our favorite restaurant, El Pueblo Veijo.

We had the same order of dishes as usual—beef chimichangas, and avocados filled with shrimp.

We decided that this was going to be our New Year’s celebration meal! After a good lunch, we walked to El Paraiso, the bar that has the best margaritas. The whole place had been refurbished. There was a pool table at the end, more tables, the bar was bigger, with more seats, and there was plenty of room for a band. And there was a band!

Paraiso in Los Algodones

El Paraiso in Los Algodones

We took our seats, and low and behold, we saw the nice folks we had met the last time we were here—Al, Judy, Dick and Betty sitting across from our table.

Al waved, and yelled “Well…hi strangers. How are you guys doin’?” Jim got up and both men shook hands. “It’s good to see you all. Maryann and I thought we’d come down and have a couple of drinks!” smiled Jim.

Jim dragged our chairs to their table, and I wondered if he had forgotten their names. “Jim that’s Al, and his wife, Judy…” I whispered.

“Yeah, I know that Hon…” hissed back Jim.

“What about the other two?” asked Jim.

“Dick and Betty…” I whispered and smiled.

We re-introduced ourselves again. Al and Jim got back to talking and drinking Coronas.

Judy showed me her two new teeth implants. “You like? Pretty nice huh?” asked Judy.” The surgeon told me that it will take 3 to 6 months to heal. “

“Yes, you look so different! It’s amazing what two new teeth will do to a person’s face!” I said, checking out Judy’s mouth.

“They ain’t new, Honey, I had nothing there but gaps there. Now I’m just so happy, it’s been bothering me, for years—you know, whistlin’ when I talk, and now, I’ve finally done it! ” said Judy with a beaming gleaming smile.

Her new teeth were beautiful, and had just the slightest tint of blue in them—like the movie stars.

“I got most of our shopping done, and since we are here, till March…I am thinking about having teeth implants as well!” chimed in Betty.

“Judy looks a friggin’ 20 years younger, and I want to look a friggin’ 20 years younger too!” said Betty taking a gulp of her drink.

“You guys still have plenty of time, March is still a long way off. And here, in Algodones, there is something for everyone!” I said.

As we women huddled together, Judy and Betty wanted to know about cosmetic procedures.

“Now, we are just talking here. It will still cost us money, and here, the doctors all want cash!” Judy said.

“So you live in Mexicali—what do you think?” asked Betty.

“About what?” I asked.

“Plastic surgery,” said Judy.

“Well there are many surgeons that do that in Mexicali,” I said.

“Well, let’s make a pact, Maryann lives here, and we will keep in touch with her.  Maybe one day we can all have our boobs done!” said a laughing Judy.

“I’ll drink to that,” I smiled,

“Me too!” squealed Judy.

This was our favorite topic of discussion now.

While the band played, Jim asked me for a dance. “C’mon Honey, let’s show them you can twirl? And we can dance again?” exulted a happy Jim.

“On condition, that this will be your last beer and you will have black coffees with two aspirins…OK?” I whispered quietly.

“I promise,” smiled a red-faced Jim.

We walked to the small dance floor, and I moved, from one leg to another, and did a small twirl. Everyone clapped, as most of the folks in the bar knew about my Tarlov Surgery.

This time around, Al, Judy, Betty and Dick promised to keep in touch. The day ended with a toast to the New Year and the Super Bowl! We tentatively promised to meet at this bar, again, for the big game. A group hug and it was time to go back to our respective homes.

Here in Mexicali, most people stay at home for New Year’s.

At the stroke of 12.00am, 2011, the fireworks started, but by then, we were all hunkered down under our goose comforters.

Mexicali has been having unseasonably chilly winter, days of 60s and lows of 30s—Tijuana, too.

Our home does not have central heating—none do that we know of in Mexicali. We have all of our portable heaters were working, and today, we have to get a new tank of gas for our laundry and for our cooker.

We’re looking forward to an early spring!

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