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Betty’s Mexicali Boob Job

I got a phone call from Betty, “Maryann, how are you?” she said in a breathless voice.

“I’m fine Betty. What’s up?” I asked. Betty is a tall good-looking brunette with green eyes.

“Well since our last get together at the bar, I really didn’t have a chance to talk to you…” answered Betty.

“Yes, I understand.” I replied.

“I’ve been really thinking hard, you know, and since we are just parked outside Algodones, I’ve been thinking of having a breast augmentation done on me.” said Betty.

“A boob job—I understand” I said laughing.

“Can you help me?” replied a worried Betty.

“Sure. Not a problem!” I answered.

“Really? After I saw what the two teeth implants did to Judy’s face, I have always wanted to have the breasts that I once had, before all the children came.” sighed Betty.

“Five kids and breastfeeding have taken its toll for me.” said Betty.

“Can you help me out?” asked Betty again.

“I think so, and I understand.” I comforted Betty.

Jim and I picked Betty and Dick up from Los Algodones and drove right back to Mexicali.

Through the oohs and aahs of passing the cotton fields, and entering the city of Mexicali, both Betty and Dick sat watching the sights of Mexicali.

We were taking Betty to see a doctor who is a board certified plastic surgeon and one of Mexicali’s renowned plastic surgeons.

While in the waiting room, Jim and Dick felt uncomfortable and both went out for coffee.

“Maryann, we’ll be back. Buenas tardes.” said Jim, as he nodded to the patients before leaving the clinic.

The doctor’s clinic was packed with patients.

When our turn came, we were ushered into the doctor’s lavish consultation room.

“Many children?” asked the Doctor.

“Five.” answered Betty.

“Doctor, I want bigger breasts as well,” smiled Betty.

There was a nurse in the consultation room who helped the doctor with a brief but thorough examination.

“Yes, I can do it. Your new breasts will be beautiful. Brand new again!” said the doctor.

Laid out on the doctor’s table were all the different sizes of the various implants.

“Ah, what you need is called a breast lift—what we call a Mastopexy,” said the doctor.

“We can do that as well. Only choosing the correct implant size is important.” said the doctor.

“You have done a great job to have so many children. But, it is time for you to look after yourself now…yes?” nodded the doctor.

“Good, no smoking, everything excellent.” as the doctor gleamed though Betty’s filled-in form.

“OK. We will lift your breasts up and augment them. Two procedures to bring your breasts up and full,” said the doctor.

The doctor answered all of Betty’s questions.

“There will be some swelling and soreness, you will need to wear a surgical bra,  you will have minor incisions. Don’t worry. You take your medication, and in one week, I see you, and your stitches will be removed. Don’t get the breast area wet. And I recommend that all of my patients who undergo this surgery wear bras in future.” said the Doctor, adamantly.

Apparently these two procedures, mastopexy and augmentation mammaplasty, are a common among more mature women.

Dick entered the room, just at the right moment. Everyone understood what was going to be involved.

Once the day and time of the surgery was set, Betty was very excited to look brand new again.

Betty’s surgery was done in a Mexicali hospital.

When we fetched Betty and Dick at the hospital, Betty was feeling great. A little sore, and had Betty had another appointment with the doctor.

“This breast job has been my dream and I have it now! Thank you so much Maryann!” as Betty held my hand.

“You are welcome! But, remember everything the Dr told you to do for the post-op surgery! Doing all the correct things after this surgery is very important!” I said, while taking a piece of paper from Betty’s file.

“See this! Follow the post-op instructions!” I tapped Betty on the shoulder.

“I will I will!” replied Betty.

We crossed over to the California border, and drove Betty and Dick all the way to their 36 foot Winnebago Journey motor home. A great way to live and travel!

We will be seeing a new Betty at the Super Bowl game.

As far as I was concerned, it has been an education for me and Jim has been alerted.

2 comments to Betty’s Mexicali Boob Job

  • I don’t know how much it cost, but the prices in Mexicali are far below those of the U.S. Don’t bother with San Felipe – nothing there in terms of medical and a long drive. Calexico is a great little town with all the advantages of Mexico and the U.S. Houses there are very inexpensive. will show you both sales and rentals in both Calexico and Mexicali. Even though Calexico is small with a population of around 30,000 it has a Super Walmart. Sorry, I can’t recommend any cosmetic dentists, other than to say you will most likely find the best on Av. Madero, close to the border. Don’t go south in Mexicali.
    God Bless,

  • Tree

    Hi……Just curious, How much did her surgery cost her? I am thinking of getting a feather lift, do you know of any docs that do those and contact info?

    Mainly though first I need a good cosmedic dentist in Mexicali or San Felipe, do you know of any?

    Thanks so much!! I am excited to find your fantastic site!! I plan to relocate to probably Calexico soon. Because I am on SSI I need to live on the US side……..which is a drag. I do not drive so I am hoping to live as close to the border as possible. If you have any suggestions about housing in that area, I sure would be thankful. I am a female living alone so safety is of great inportance. Funny thing is that I always feel safer on the Mex side……THANKS!!

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