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Mexicali weather, and Mexicali life

Calexico Wal-Mart Super Store

Calexico Wal-Mart Super Store

Just as I had posted that Mexicali was having a cold winter…Bang-we are having sunny days in the high 70s and in the 50s at night.

The sun was blazing today, as Jim, Matthew and I headed out to Calexico. We had been dashing out for food and water errands, and we were rushing home before dusk and the chill during the cold winter days. So it’s been cabin fever for most everyone-certainly for us.

In Calexico, we had lunch at McDonald’s as usual, checked our mail as usual, and headed to our favorite hunting ground—Wal-Mart in Calexico.

As usual, I was dropped off at the entrance, while the boys parked the truck. There was a lady sitting on her handicapped scooter, giving me the “hands-off look.” I stood and waited for Jim and Matthew.

When they entered the store, I said, “No scooters honey, let’s walk over to the other entrance…maybe I can get one there?”  Indeed, there was one scooter, waiting just for me.

“Well, I’m off boys…see ya at the usual meeting place!” I said cheerfully as I sped off.

I zipped around the store, just happy to get out, and see all the colorful new things that Wal-Mart had brought in. As usual, groceries were on our list-olive oil and good balsamic vinegar.

Wow! As I picked up my usual foods, I noticed that the prices have gone up! The US dollar is going down. What a bummer!

At Wal-Mart, Matthew can always be found staring at the flat screen TVs, while Jim usually heads for the hardware and tools stuff. As I filled my shopping cart with some nice lean ground beef, cheese, a packet of nice steaks with a great price, cat food, I zipped over to the ladies’ section, to see the new spring colors! Pink is in! And…I picked up a pink shirt.

Just as I was heading over to look at some T-shirts, my handicap scooter came to a standstill even though the meter said it still had a charge.

Just my luck! Now what was I going to do? The men were all over the place—I could sit out and wait? As my eyes darted quickly around the entire floor, I spotted a shopping cart that had been left in the ladies lingerie section. Aha! I got up and out and walked quickly towards it. No one was claiming this one! Good, it’s mine. I pushed it back to where my scooter had stalled, and  carefully unloaded all the stuff into the shopping cart. That done, I pushed my cart to our usual waiting area—and finally Jim and Matthew appeared.

Matthew got himself a red neckerchief and a straw hat.

“Well, what do you think? Nice color…Also, the sun’s up, and it’s going to burn my skin, so here’s some sunscreen for us,” he said.

Surprisingly, Matthew looked rather dapper in his red neckerchief and his straw hat.

The weather report for just this week shows that Mexicali is going to be up into the 80s.

Jim had wanted a new drill for cement walls, but felt he should check out Loews and Home Depot before springing for the drill. We have paintings that have been waiting for the last three years for us to hang them up. (Yes, Jim is behind schedule.)

We checked out of Wal-Mart, paid, and walked out to the truck. I got in first, while the men loaded up our inexpensive buys.

“MaryAnn, did you know you are walking without even mentioning it?” said Jim. He continued, “See that, Matthew, she did all those things, and didn’t say a word.” Jim was thrilled and Matthew was excited.

“Did you know that MaryAnn?” asked a smiling Matthew.

“No…But I do feel tired now, and must lean back. Can’t move, must drink my McDonald’s iced coffee, and I’m finishing those last two McNuggets Jim,” I said.

So, we headed back home, to Mexicali. The traffic was smooth. We came back, organized everything, and started preparing for dinner. Minced meat, corn and mash potatoes, “Idahoan” packet style!

We could hear music coming from our neighbor, Felix’s home, an indication that he was going to have a family barbecue. We looked over at Bebe’s home, her daughter’s car was parked in her driveway, and Bebe’s son had left home. Apparently, Bebe’s kids can’t get along, so they avoid each other.

Mario, our neighbor from across the street, was back from San Diego. His “high-heeled” truck was parked outside his home. “High-Heeled” means that the truck has those high suspensions, with huge tires. Mario loves to ride on the dunes. Jim has had beers with him, and when Jim mentioned about my back surgery, Mario lifted his shirt to show Jim his scars on his spine. Apparently, Mario had a car accident, and his spine had to re-constructed by the surgeons in Mexicali. Mario’s mother lives in Mexicali. So, Mario runs back to and fro from San Diego to see his aged mom. Mexicans are good that way.

This morning early, there was a car accident near our home. A young man in his 20s, fell asleep at the wheel, and crashed his car into a home, five houses down. His car also totaled the owner’s car, which was parked outside his house. We could hear the big crash from our bedroom, but thank goodness, no one was injured.

The policia came. Which is always a bad bad sign. All the residents came out to look. The young man was taken away. He will have to pay the family for all the damages that he incurred, as well as the price of their wrecked car. The young man will be thrown into the slammer. As we all know, everyone is “guilty until proven innocent”, here in Mexico. The young man will have to pay a huge fine, and he will have to go before a judge to see how much money his family has to pay to settle all this mess. Jail time—who knows?

Felix’s daughter came back in the late evening. She came out of her white truck. She is a stunningly beautiful girl. Tall with long brown hair, she was dressed up in tight jeans, knee-length boots, a long -sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless faux fur vest.  She carried a large tote bag in one hand, and a cell phone in the other. Wow! No wonder Felix gets upset! Everyone in our neighborhood eye-balled her, and I just thought, how well she was put together.

The lady that sells tamales down the street has stopped her business. It turned out that most of her clients were her family members, who would eat all the food and not pay. Fortunately, just three blocks away, we have our tamale guy, who sells his tamales on the sidewalk. His “stand” is right next to our taco man from whom we get tacos, but without the veggies and toppings as Jim gets “La tourista” easily. We just ask for more meat or tripe…my favorite.

Matthew loves to walk and check out the neighborhood. Sometimes he comes home with a jar of pure honey and a brand new polo shirt. Mexicali has everything!

Water is the big headache for us. Just when we think we have it; we run out. Now, Jim goes to a drive-by water place. All he does is give them the our three five gallon jugs, and the men just load the water up, and put them all back in the truck for 20 pesos for each five gallons. Jim always gives the guys a 20 peso tip ($1.67). We could get our water delivered, but it’s a hassle, and we prefer to get the water by ourselves. We do the same for ice cubes.

Every night, without fail, I get my bottle of Aveena Moisturizing Lotion, lie on my side, and I rub it all over my Tarlov surgery scar. I massage the scar along the sides and up and down my spine, as far as I can reach. I find this massage is good for the scar even though it has healed. The massage gets all the blood flowing and relaxes the muscles around the area and my back. I’m no contortionist, but I do my best to rub down my spine.

I also bought Olay’s’ body moisture lotion—it’s cheaper and it still gets the job done. I prefer the one with the lavender scent, which I believe, is therapeutic.

The problem with having had a Tarlov operation is that I can’t exercise. I am limited to just walking. It’s frustrating, and I find myself beginning to hunch. That’s no good for my spine or for me! So now I am looking for a posture corrector that will keep my spine up and straight, without my thinking about “shoulders back, head and face looking in front.” I think I’ve found one on Amazon.

What I also need is a portable sauna and I found this one, Far Infrared FIR Portable Foldable Spa Sauna. This one looks well-suited for my spine. I desperately need to sweat since I can’t do any exercises.

Finally, there is a pair of jeans that has my name on it! It’s called “Jeggings”, for $20/- which I have also found on Amazon.  It would look super with Jim’s flannel  plaid shirt!

“Jim…Jim! Can you come over to the computer, Honey, I have some things to buy.”

2 comments to Mexicali weather, and Mexicali life

  • Thanks for the kind words, Janet: Recovery from Tarlov surgery takes a while, but I am sure you will make it.
    God Bless,

  • Janet K

    Hi MaryAnn,
    I’m recovering very well after my tarlov surgery! My lower back pain was GONE immediately after the operation. I still have a ways to go, am moving around slowly. But…I’m getting my ‘youth’ and LIFE back!
    I love you, best advise and best blog ever!
    Janet, San Diego

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