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Spring Break at Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos San Lucas

Los Cabos San Lucas

It’s spring break now, and I highly recommend visiting Cabo San Lucas here in Baja California.

Apart from the fact that many celebrities, like Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, her boyfriend, A-Rod, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, just to name a few who visit Cabo for the sun and surf—folks who wish to go on a inexpensive price trip, are able to do so!

Jim, Matthew and I are thinking of driving all the way down there—about 8 or 9 hundred miles.

We got together with our great Mexican friend, KIA for coffee, and I asked him “So what do you think about Cabo San Lucas?”

“Cabo? Oh it’s beautiful, all at the tip of Baja California. It’s Baja’s jewel. If you want to see the best color sea water and sand, I tell you Cabo is unbelievable. Just sweet,” answered KIA.

“The water is clear crystal clear and blue, with white sands. Not just for swimming, but you can go sport fishing as well,” I could see KIA was getting all fired up about it.

“Well, we are planning to visit Cabo, KIA. You know… take our time, and just drive,” I said.

“After this cold winter, I can just lie on that beach and soak up the sun!” chimed in Jim, with a grin.

“Did you know that there are three districts in Cabo?” asked KIA.

“No,” I answered.

Jennifer Aniston at Cabo San Lucas

Jennifer Aniston at Cabo San Lucas

“MaryAnn just knows that movie stars go to Cabo, that’s why she wants to go there,” said Jim, smiling away, as his chocolate cheesecake arrived.

“Well, who knows, we might bump into them while we go there?” I chirped in, giving Jim a stare.

“I know you want to get Jennifer Anniston’s autograph!” I continued.

“I like Jennifer Anniston,” said Jim, after swallowing a big piece of his cheesecake.

“By the way, no dinner tonight, we’ll starve in the meantime, until the next coffee meeting,” said Jim.

“As I was saying..,” continued KIA.

“Oh sorry…yes please..,” as I tried to get the waitress’s attention.  She had forgotten to bring KIA and me our cakes.

“There is the old town, called San Jose del Cabo, the main town, called Cabo San Lucas, and the highway connecting San Jose and Cabo san Lucas called the Corridor.  Just beautiful,” said KIA.

“There is also the Cabo San Lucas airport as well—major entry point into Mexico!” said KIA, “Flights even arrive from China.”

“I tell you guys, there is a price for everyone to visit Cabo San Lucas. Anyone can afford to go there,” continued KIA.

“We live in Mexicali and we haven’t yet been to Cabo—unbelievable,” I said.

Our chocolate cheesecakes finally arrived.

“It’s always so much fun when I have coffee with the two of you. Never a boring moment,” said KIA, as he began to tuck into his cake.

“Now, if you go, visit the famous arch in Cabo. Bet there will be movie stars waiting to have their photos taken,” laughed KIA.

“You know, better yet, we can all plan to go to Cabo…yes? My sons love to swim,” said KIA.

“That’s a great idea!” I answered.

“There’s fishing water sports, dancing, a little drinking..,” said KIA with a wink.

“I can do all of them, except jet ski, but Jim and our grandkids will love that sport,” I said.

Our group was getting bigger for the Cabo trip by the minute.

“We have to stay in a cheap hotel. Better yet…let me ask Spike, maybe he would like to go to Cabo? He and our daughter, Heather would like it as well,” said Jim.

“This takes serious planning,” I said, sipping on my latte.

“You know there is a place called the Land’s End—best place to take photographs, all rocks, we can walk along the Playa del Amante, Lover’s Beach huh?” smiled KIA.

“Well MaryAnn, what are you waiting for, woman, let’s go..,” said Jim, as he started getting up from his chair.

Inside Las Ventanas

Inside Las Ventanas

“Sit down—continue please,” I said.

“There’s a 300 year old church, the church of San Lucas to see, and then the cultural center. All beautiful parks—everything,” said KIA.

“But Jim, I know you will like the fishing. All types of fish. There’s marlin fishing there. Scuba diving, and much much more,” KIA went on.

“We can rent motorcycles or scooters, helmets provided, and go around Cabo?” said Matthew.

“No scooters, KIA, I prefer a car,” I added quickly.

“We could go and sit down at those beautiful resorts and have drinks. I’ve always fancied myself having a piña colada with the pineapple, cherry and a red umbrella on top. Now that would just be wonderful,” I said.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

“Ahhh…we must go to the Las Ventanas Al Paraiso holiday resort. It is situated in Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific; it opened 14 years ago,” said KIA

“If you want to see the most beautiful and best hotel that Baja California has to offer, that is the one. The Window to Paradise is what the name means—we get all the family and we go, yes!” replied an excited KIA.

“Serious, KIA?”

“OK. Cabo San Lucas it is!” I answered very happily.

Wait till I tell kids where we are going on vacation to Cabo!

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  • Annie

    Right on target Maryann! Cabo is the best place to go for a great holiday. We’re going to Cabo this summer with our kids, from San Jose’. The resorts there are extremely affordable, and the Las Ventanas that yr friend talked about is really awesome!!!!

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