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My Tarlov Cyst Recovery IX

Hospital del Valle, Mexicali

I’m now, into my one and half year post-surgery mark after my Tarlov cyst operation at the Hospital del Valle in Mexicali, Mexico.

I can cook meals, walk to where I am focusing on at the grocery store. I don’t like to dawdle and like to finish my long list of “to dos.” I can’t move as fast as I used to, but, I can giddy up, and get things done.

All hands-free, with no walking cane, which is all pretty cool for a Tarlov cyst survivor?

It’s difficult for me to lose weight, as I cannot do any other exercise except walk, and put items away and I don’t lift anything over five pounds. The only way I can lose weight is to cut down my intake of food, which I do. But sometimes, I have get that cup of ice cream!

I can get out of bed in three seconds, go to the bathroom in seven seconds, get dressed in seven minutes flat, with my sneakers on. I can bend, with no pain. I can even do the ‘twist’, very gently.

That gives an idea of my movements.

Some days are great. I walk like a model, and some days, my left leg has a mind of its own. I go one way, and my left leg has to think. So it knocks into a door. The perfect temperature for me is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  When it gets really cold, most people find it difficult enough to get out of bed. In my case, I slow down.

Yes, it’s frustrating, aggravating and tiresome. Ugh!

I can wash my hair, standing, although I have my bathroom chair always next to me. This all depends on the behavior of my S1 spinal nerve, which now determines my quality of life. The S1 nerve is now…My Lord and Master.

When I lie down to rest my spine, I always rub my scar and my sacroiliac up and down and around.

I am always pushing the envelope; I can be such a delinquent! It’s like putting my finger to a flame. So, for the last month, I decided to become my own chiropractor. I started pressing down on each disc of my spine, and even trying to manipulate my hip! I’ve got Olay moisturizing lotion on me, so why not?  Well, I have stopped it all as I began to feel discomfort on my spine. Ouch!

So now, I am just back to only massaging my scar and my sacroiliac. In fact, I missed a week of it, and found the scar area to be tight.

It was dry, and needed moisturizing. Oh, what one does to hasten the speed of recovery! Massage, massage my beautiful scar and my sacroiliac. Who knew my right arm could stretch back so well?

I can mop, do laundry, though my husband, Jim, tries to keep me from doing too much. My upper torso is getting strong, just the lower part is still a bit weak, where the S1 nerve sits.

I have been told that my nerve needs to mend, and for that, a sheath has to grow around my nerve. Lord, it’s taking forever.

When I came home, after the surgery, the length of my pain area was six to seven inches across the incision area—just about the whole lower back. Even six months after the operation, I still couldn’t roll over in bed without feeling a brick inside my back where the operation’s incision was made.

Now, I can roll over across the bed, comfortably. That six inch “raw brick” inside of me is healed. This is interesting, as with the passing months, the healing of the scar area, inside, has begun, and the six inch “raw brick” inside of me begins to get smaller and smaller.

The process of healing is very very slow and extremely tedious for a back surgery patient, especially when nerves are involved.

Often times I forget that I had Tarlov cyst surgery, and when I overdo my running around, my spine gets tired. No pain, I just have to lie down flat. I guess I would lie down flat on any sidewalk to straighten out my spine, if I didn’t get the chance to lie on my bed. Not a problem. I’ll lie down flat wherever I can.

The other day, we had to move some of our boxes to a smaller storage area. It took the entire day. I moved the items that were light and was also compressing empty cardboard boxes. I could pull a small box sitting on a hand truck, but I was forbidden. I was tired the next day. My body was fatigued, not my mind. Maybe I need to walk on a treadmill and build up my cardio-vascular? I could do that.

When I sit down on my recliner, I merrily click down my neck away. “Click, click.”

“What did you say, Jim? Oh wait, let me click, then I can turn my head to see you.”

As long as I keep moving, the muscles in my body get stronger, and I find I can manage to be my old self again, at least 95%.

That’s where I am right now. I continue to monitor my movements, and I look forward to achieving more progress when I reach September 11th of 2011.  The two year mark of my Tarlov cyst back surgery.

By the way—my surgeons removed about a half an inch square from my sacroiliac over the S1 nerve. This is in case that if any more cysts appear, they would not put pressure on my nerve.  So, when I sit down for too long at any one time, I have my left arm behind my back.

It makes for great conversation, “What’s your arm doing behind your back MaryAnn?”

“Oh nothing, just scratching.”

7 comments to My Tarlov Cyst Recovery IX

  • El mejor lugar para comenzar es con el Dr. Rosas. Él es el médico que hizo todos los arreglos para mi operación de quiste de Tarlov. Su dirección es la siguiente.
    Dr. Arturo Rosas Garcia
    AVE. 2 DE OCTUBRE 19
    21210 Mexicali, BC
    Tel: (686) 565-9401
    From USA (011-520 686-144-2202 cell

    No tenemos contactos en Monterrey.


    *pueden darme los datos del médico que opera los quists de Tarlov por favor?

    Hay médicos que operen los quistes en Monterrey N,L.?

  • Same here, Winnie: The dentist in the US wanted to cap my teeth. What he didn’t tell me was that I had periodontal disease. I found that out from an orthodontist here in Mexicali, who said he wouldn’t treat me until I had the perio cleared up. He sent me to his university professor for that – and it cost all of $500. Now, even though I am a bit old for it, I finally have braces and my teeth and jawline are looking great. The dentist who wanted to cap my teeth in the US was asking for $6,000 for 6 caps. The orthodontist here is charging me $2,000 and my teeth are looking so great that I don’t need caps at all!
    God Bless,

  • winnie crowley

    I am glad to hear about the good medical car. I just got back form dental work in Algadonas and I had wonderful care and it was so resonable . It makes one wonder why they have to make everything so difficult and expensive in the USA . I have always went to the Dentist and taken care of my teeth only to find out that I at one time had peridontal problems that wearnt taken care of so I have bone loss. I had a 4 point bridge replaced and 4 other crowns done and 4 fillings for under $2000 it would have cost me $10000 here. I cant say enough about the professional care the cleanliness .. Great I would recommened to all My daughter and I will be going back in the Fall..

  • CT

    I love your blog, and I’m looking forward to your next one. Your honesty on your back surgery is great information, and I love your honesty! Keep up the great work.
    Eugene, Oregon

  • Janet S

    Hi MaryAnn,
    I’m with you in spirit. I’m doing very well, after my own Tarlov, with Dr Maya and his team!
    Love ya! Keep blogging!- Janet S, San Diego

  • Annie

    MaryAnn, your discipline and determination is a great inspiration to me. I love your detailed posts on your back surgery!
    Keep us all posted on your back. I wish you a speedy recovery.- Annie, Palo Alto, CA

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