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Spring break for Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanson in Cabo San Lucas

Scarlett & Sean on spring break

Scarlett & Sean on spring break

The life-styles of Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanson are a little bit different from ours (to say the least); still they enjoy Mexico.

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanson have been seeing each other since early last month when they met up at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont.

Rumor has it that they hooked up at Scarlett’s bungalow that very night.

Apparently Scarlett first contacted Sean when she was planning to visit Haiti. She knew that Sean was living there in a tent and wanted his advice.

The two were spotted Monday having lunch together in the Cuban restaurant, Versailles, in Los Angeles, with Johansson clearly resting her left leg on Penn’s thigh. Is that how celebs eat?

On March 1, Scarlett and Sean flew down to Cabo San Lucas on a private jet from Van Nuys airport Tuesday morning. In Cabo San Lucas they enjoyed a fancy meal of lobster and margaritas and returned to the U.S. on Wednesday via another private jet because Johansson had to get back to L.A. in the morning to continue filming “We Bought a Zoo” with Matt Damon-tough life for a working girl.

No-I haven’t become a Hollywood gossip columnist. I just want to put out some positive news about Mexico, and about Baja California in particular.

I recently put in a feature that would show my most popular articles. On top was How safe is Mexicali … and Mexico? There has been so much negative news about Mexico that I want to show the brighter side of la vita Mexicana.

Fortunately my article Spring Break at Cabo San Lucas has appeared on my list of most viewed articles and is gaining on the leaders.

Jim, Matthew, and I are out and about all the time- even spending some late nights at our favorite coffee house, Sinapsis Cafe. (They are now licensed to serve wine.) Not only has nothing bad ever happened to us, but we haven’t seen anything bad happen around us.

Obviously the three of us are not about to fly down to Cabo San Lucas and check in to some expensive hotel, but, if we had the time and the means, we would gladly drive the full 900 miles from Mexicali to Cabo San Lucas, and feel perfectly safe.

Jim and Matthew agree.

1 comment to Spring break for Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanson in Cabo San Lucas

  • Kathy B

    Cabo is so incredibly beautiful, the beaches, the blue ocean and the fresh air!
    We always try to visit Cab once every year, for our vacation. Bang for our bucks!
    Queens,New York

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