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Two and a Half Men in Mexicali

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Yes, our favorite sit-com is “Two and a Half Men,” and we can get it on Sky TV in Mexicali.

We watch it every morning, and it starts our day with a smile! Charlie Sheen’s “Two and Half Men” is very popular here in Mexicali and Mexico!

Charlie Sheen who plays the role of “Charlie Harper” is brilliant, the golden goose that lays the golden egg for everyone in the show.

Like a lotta folks, we’ve been following the recent events leading to Charlie Sheen’s firing by Warner Brothers, just today.

“That’s it for Two and Half Men,” said Jim.

“Oh why, why?” cried Matthew.

“When all this started, it was obvious that Charlie Sheen and the producer of the show, that there Chuck Lorre guy could not get along,” I said.

“You see, that’s the problem right there.” answered Jim. He continued, “Charlie Sheen is the star of the hit show, and the people around and with him should have danced around and make it work. Do everything they can to make the goose that lays the golden egg happy. Mismanagement. You gotta learn to work with people.”

“Charlie Sheen was on drugs, alcohol and women Jim,” I said.

“So what? The point is where are all the people who surround him and the producers to help mend this problem,” answered Jim.

“I think it’s more complicated than that, Jim” I said.

“T’aint complicated at all—the star of the number one sit-com has a problem? Well, solve it. Isn’t that what they pay those fellows for, MaryAnn? Now see, we’re not gonna get new episodes of Two and Half Men,” sighed Jim.

“That’s true. I agree. On hindsight, if the producers have a problem with their number one star, solve it. If he wants more money, give it to him, but he has to listen to their terms,” I said.

“Warner Brothers just killed the goose that laid the golden egg,” sighed Matthew.

“You see, even Matthew can understand what’s going on.” said Jim.

“Yeah,” said Matthew.

“They totally mismanaged the entire situation,” continued Jim.

“On Piers Morgan, I know Charlie Sheen wanted to get back into the show.  Why didn’t they pick that up?” I said.

“Pride, MaryAnn. Instead of looking down the road, they got all flustered and upset, and their egos got the better of them. So the guy’s on dope, booze and women—so what?” said Jim, “Negotiate, that’s the point I’m making here.”

“Maybe Charlie’s going off a cliff,” I said.

“Get him into rehab quick, and somehow keep the show on the back burner.” I can’t believe the producers couldn’t resolve this problem,” fumed Jim.

“You’re getting all hot and bothered Jim,” I said.

“Somehow, I like Charlie Sheen. I know he’s gone off the rails right now, but for goodness sake, you can’t tell me it was impossible, when so much money’s at stake,” Jim pointed out.

One and a Half Men

One and a Half Men

“Ego and pride. They have so much money in front of them, that all of them couldn’t see down the road,” I said.

“Everyone in Mexicali loves Two and Half Men…. Every time I talk to people, they all know Charlie Sheen, they even know he is really Carlos Estevez, a Mexican” said Matthew.

“He’s an American of Spanish origin,” I said, correcting Matthew.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I meant,” answered Matthew.

“Whatever he is, in every movie I have seen him in, he is fantastic as an actor and is funny. You remember the movie he did with Clint Eastwood in “The Rookie” and then “Wall Street?” asked Jim.

“He is also a woman abuser Jim,” I said.

“He even shot Kelly Preston, John Travolta’s wife,” added Matthew.

“Yes, yes, I know all of that. She wasn’t John Travolta’s wife then. He shot her by accident—could’a happened to anyone… Put all that aside, as a professional actor, Charlie Sheen was making us laugh every morning and it’s a darn shame that we won’t be getting more  episodes of “Two and a Half Men!” continued Jim.

“I think Charlie Sheen will clean himself up eventually, or someone will do it for him. When that is under control, he can come back and continue entertaining us,” I said.

“Yeah, I hope so too.” said Jim.

“Hey, maybe we could do a sit-com,” said Matthew.

“Huh? About what?” asked Jim.

“Why, about us—the three of us, here in Mexicali,” answered Matthew enthusiastically.

“Yeah, sure,” answered Jim, “and what do we call it? “Two and a Half People?”

“Oops,” I thought.

Matthew looked like he was about to cry, asking, “Am I only half a person?”

“No, Matthew, Jim didn’t mean that—it’s just that you’re his little brother,” I said quickly.

“Really, Jim, is that so?” asked Matthew.

“Why sure, Matthew, I didn’t mean no harm,” explained Jim

Matthew brightened, “Then why don’t we send a copy of MaryAnn’s blog to Peter Lorre or his boss, that Moonbeam guy?”

It’s Moonves, not Moonbeam, and it’s Chuck Lorre, not Peter Lorre,” I said.

“Well, can we send it to them? Please?” asked Matthew.

“Matthew, we got close to 100,000 people reading my blog every month. Don’t you think that Moonves and Chuck Lorre are reading it too?” I said.

Matthew thought for a couple of seconds, and then said, “Yeah, MaryAnn, I bet they are!”

We all hope that Charlie Sheen will get back into rehab soon, and God forbid, he does not overdose on anything. His show is much too important.

Charlie Sheen is one great actor!

6 comments to Two and a Half Men in Mexicali

  • Mari: Thank you for the kind words. You might try going to Sinapsis Cafe, a very nice coffee house on Av. Republica de Argentina (English spoken). There are great movies in English at Cinepolis – we go to the one in San Pedro, which also has a Super Wal-Mart. If your husband has papers, Calexico, right across the border is a nice little town. Drives to Los Algodones can be fun, also. Don’t worry – you will find plenty to do.
    God Bless,

  • Mari

    Hi Maryann I am fascinated by your knowledge of Mexicali and I am also feeling so blessed to have found your website! I am 32 and just moved to Mexicali from the Bay Area with my 3 children ages 15, 13 and 3 to be with my husband. Mexico is a HUGE change and i am not adapting well. I am a latina born and raised in the states and being here isn’t as pleaseant as i hoped however we are sticking it out and hoping with time things get better I really think the fact that i have no friends or family here is the kicker!! If you have any info that you think might help me learn the ins n outs of Mexicali id love for you to email me. Thanks so much

  • shelly

    It was one of my favorite shows and the fact its survived 8 seasons tells me it was a money maker for WB and the network.
    They’ve let their egos cloud their judgement I think and now
    they’re ready to spend hundreds of thousands on any legal challenge that comes their way. The WB folks should move in
    to government. That’s just he kind of decision they make.

  • super sheen

    You cannot replace Charlie Sheen on Two and A Half Men. The show will go down hill within a matter of a few episodes, if not sooner. Warner Bros. really screwed the pooch this time. Idiots.

  • Mitch

    No matter what any of us think Charlie is even bigger now than before. I can’t imagine this resulting in some kind of project that will yeild crazy money for him and whatever company! Winning!
    Charlie does Surf!

  • Bill R

    I just read yr post, and it’s so true about the mis-management/ great post, i laughed so hard. thanks!

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