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Trip to the oldest Methodist church in Mexicali

El Divino Redentor, the 90 year old Methodist church Mexicali

El Divino Redentor, the 90 year old Methodist church Mexicali

Last month, while many young people spent their spring breaks sleeping in and hanging out, a group of local missionaries drove south from Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland, to repair earthquake damage in poverty-stricken Mexicali, Mexico.

At 6:00am last March 18th, Jimmy, Indy and Kylee Striplin of Beaverton, and Bruce and Mary Waldo of Tualatin joined a mission team of 26 people from four different churches and loaded into vehicles for the long 20-hour drive to Mexicali.

This is the 12th year that Beaverton Valley Times Associate Publisher Kevin Hohnbaum and his wife Jane Mulholland have led a team to spend spring break doing various projects in Mexico.

After spending the night on a church floor in Turlock, Calif., the team arrived in Mexicali. There, the team was welcomed by hugs from the host church members and treated to a taco dinner.

Members of the local Mexicali church cooked meals for the team all week—a real treat for the team. The team brought air mattresses and sleeping bags to cushion the hard stone church floor, as that was where they slept, and took turns using the cold showers.

The first Sunday morning after the team’s arrival was started with a parade around the neighborhood in celebration of the beginning of spring and a 2½-hour worship service, in Spanish, interpreted by Andrew Mulholland, a former Rotary exchange student fluent in Spanish.

Following the service, and a party for Mexicali Pastor Martin Molina’s birthday, the team started working on their projects.

A child from the church - with presents!

A child from the church - with presents!

Mexicali was hit by a large earthquake last year, on April 4th, Easter Sunday. Both the church and pastor’s house suffered damage. The team’s projects included patching walls, putting up drywall, repairing plumbing, electrical work, replacing the ceiling, and painting.

By the last day, the team handed out Bibles, blankets and emergency kits to more than 125 kids. Then it was the long drive back to Beaverton.

God Bless.

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  • Rachel S

    A delightful post. I never knew that a Methodist Church existed in Calexico? A lovely church it is.
    Rachel S
    Boise, Idaho

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