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The Best Vet in Mexicali!

Dr. Rafael, the best veterinarian anywhere; he's close to the border, speaks English and has lived in Arizona! Click

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Missy and her six kittens

Five of Missy's Six Kittens

Five of Missy's Six Kittens

See the Happy Ending at the bottom of the page!

We have always had a problem with cats. Actually, the problem is with us—not the cats.

We have always fed stray cats, which is probably a mistake for us, but not for the cats.

A month or so, ago, a small thin black cat with a bit of grey showed up at our house. She was limping and had trouble walking. She preferred to lie in a small basket with a blanket which I had put out for her.

I put in a call for our vet, Dr. Rafael, to come by to try to catch the cat, and to see what was wrong. Dr. Rafael is a great vet, and has created his clinic in Mexicali from modest beginnings. After going to the university in Mexico, and getting his degree, he worked as a baker, in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to his educational background he was able to enter into the United States legally.

Dr. Rafael’s clinic is at 708 Calzada de las Americas, not far from our house. He has been the best vet that we could imagine—even makes house calls.

Shortly after my call to Dr. Rafael, he showed up at our house. The cat in question, which we call “Missy” was in her little basket. Dr. Rafael approached Missy slowly, but she quickly bolted out of her basket and dashed clumsily away. There was nothing we could do.

Dr. Rafael's card

Dr. Rafael's card

However, Dr. Rafael explained to me that outdoor cats frequently can have broken bones. The good news was that cats are also very good at healing themselves—no cast or vet required.

For weeks we continued to put food out for Missy. Dr. Rafael was right, and Missy slowly recovered.

We eventually noticed that Missy, in spite of her small size, seemed to be pregnant.

This was confirmed later when the very small thin Missy gave birth to six kittens which she hid behind our water heater. The water heater was off, as, with the summer heat in Mexicali, even the cold water comes out hot.

Missy began to eat about every six hours, keeping Jim and me on the run. Eventually, the six kittens ventured out into our small concrete floored washing area. Missy was eating less, but now Jim and I were feeding the six kittens in addition.

How could we keep Missy and six kittens? What would become of them when they grew up and ventured out into the street?

Missy and her kittens

Missy and her kittens

Last year, we found one lone kitten in front of our house. We immediately took the kitten to Dr. Rafael. He said he could neuter her, and put her up for adoption. Dr. Rafael always has some kittens for adoption in his clinic. As was only right, we paid Dr. Rafael for the operation, testing for disease, and shots, and shortly after, the abandoned kitten was adopted by a lady we know.

With Missy and the six kittens living with us, we decided that we had better see Dr. Rafael.

He told us, that as soon as the kittens were independent and eating on their own, to bring them and Missy to his clinic. He would neuter, test, and give the kittens their shots and put them up for adoption. He would also neuter Missy, as she appeared to be an extremely “active” young lady. Missy would then be ours. Oh, well!

We asked Dr. Rafael how much this would cost. He said he could do it all for three thousand pesos or $260. We wouldn’t have to pay him immediately, but could pay when and as we could.

Here comes the embarrassing part, at least for Jim. We live on Social Security alone—no savings left after my operation. Obama hasn’t been giving out the cost of living increases for some time now, and who knows with the turmoil in Washington what will happen?

Jim has been looking for a job in Calexico or El Centro, and has applied to Wal-Mart. However, with the 30% unemployment rate in the area of El Centro, plus Jim’s age, I don’t give him much of a chance.

Enough of our sad story. We just want to see that Missy and the kittens are OK.

The Happy Ending!

So here is was our PayPal button. If you can give anything, even just a dollar, we can give Missy and the kittens a good life. Once we reach to $260 limit, we will turn the PayPal button off, and we will live happily forever—with Missy.

Yesterday, Missy’s kittens were getting bigger. One of the black females ran off, and Jim had to chase her under the car. Lesson learned: the kittens had been weaned, and were on their own. Missy would even brush them off when they came around.

It was now or never for the kittens. If we didn’t round them up, who knows if we would ever find them—or if they would even survive.

Jim and I rounded up the kittens and took them into the house. It was 110 degrees outside, and the kittens had never been in a cool place. Lucky kittens!

Missy and her kittens enjoying the inside air conditioning

Missy and her kittens enjoying the inside air conditioning

This was the easy part, because we had been picking them up and they were completely socialized. Missy presented more of a problem. I told Jim, “Let me handle Missy.” Missy was all alone now, and I started stroking her back. She began to purr. Slowly, I took the back of her neck, and supporting Missy’s rear with my other hand, lifted her. No problem! We took Missy into the house and put her in the cage with her kittens.

Well, we got two wonderful people, just regular folks, who made donations. It wasn’t quite what we needed, but Missy and her kittens deserved a life!

The next morning, we packed Missy and the kittens into our truck and it was off to see Dr. Rafael. And that’s where Missy and her kittens are right now, with Dr. Rafael. He is neutering Missy, today. We will be picking her up in a day or so, and she will be away from the cruel world outdoors, and will be living in luxury with us.

Missy’s kittens are with Dr. Rafael, who will neuter them in about two week, when they are more fully grown. Until then, Missy’s kittens are in a nice large white cage in Dr. Rafael’s front office, where they can be adopted, and Dr. Rafael assures us that they will be picked up in no time.

Dr. Rafael with Missy's kittens

Dr. Rafael with Missy's kittens

There is no better veterinarian than Dr. Rafael, and we have seen plenty. If you live anywhere near Mexicali, and your pet needs some medical attention, it will be well worth it to you, and more importantly to your pet, to see Dr. Rafael. Yes, Dr. Rafael speaks English, and has even lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanks for the donation, S. K.!
Thanks for the donation, F.B.!

The donate button was right here, but we have taken it down, just like we said. Thanks again to S. K. and F. B. for the donations!

We are very happy for Missy and her kittens—and you should be too.


6 comments to Missy and her six kittens

  • JT

    We have been bringing our 12 year old male brown lab to see Dr R. The vet came highly recommended by a friend who works across the border, in Calexico. We live in San Diego, so that tells you how much we trust and have faith in this vet, with our boy!
    San Diego, CA

  • Thanks Chloe – We are including more info about Missy and her kittens on our site.
    God Bless,

  • Hello MaryAnn:
    Thanks for sharing us your little kittens they were so adorable and I really love cats also. I have 3 cats, one female and her two sons they were so cute also.

  • Mariana:
    I’m so sorry to hear about your little girl’s wonderful French Poodle being stolen. Give your daughter a big hug from me. The six kittens are at Dr. Rafael’s for adoption right now. They are getting their shots, and will be neutered, all at our expense. All the kittens are people-friendly, as we began handling them as soon as it was OK with Missy. They would run to us when we brought their food out. One of the kittens, hopefully, is waiting to meet your daughter.
    Dr. Rafael is at Calz. de las Americas No. 708, and his telephone number is (686) 567-5449, The best time to catch him is in the late mornings, or from 5:00pm on. He speaks English and is not just a super vet, but a true lover of animals. We have been so lucky to find him.
    Remember – a hug to your little daughter from MaryAnn.
    God bless,
    Dr. Rafael and Missy's kittens

  • Mariana

    Hi Maryann I think it is absolutely wonderful what you and your husband have done for the kittens. I am wondering if there any more kittens available for adoption? I live in Mexicali as well in Conjunto Orizaba and my 4yr old daughter recently had her 7month old French Poodle stolen from our home right in front of our house! Needless to say we didn’t get much help in retrieving him so now my little girl is broken hearted and in need of a “LOVIE”. thank you.

  • Annie T

    Maryann, you n Jim are just an awesome couple! I love people who love animals! Luv u guys.
    Annie, Boise’ Idaho

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