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Missy and her six kittens – Chapter 2

Missy at home looking beautiful with her red collar

Missy at home looking beautiful with her red collar

Missy has been fixed now by Dr. Rafael, and everything went fine. She stayed at Dr. Rafael’s for a couple of days until she was ready to have her stitches removed.

When we picked Missy up, we asked Dr. Rafael if we should return her to the outdoors where we found her, or take her in. Dr. Rafael said that either alternative should be OK.

Jim and I thought about it.

If Missy were to be left outside, yes, we could feed her, but she would be in the oppressive summer heat, panting as before. In the cold winter she would be freezing. Missy is a very thin cat, and we worried if she would make it outdoors. The decision was easy—Missy would be taken in as a member of our (extended) family.

So we took Missy home, and put her in our largest cage. It would take time for her to become familiar with our dog and cat. We set Missy up in the cage, with food, water, and a small litter box. I put a red collar on Missy and she didn’t mind at all. Boy did she look beautiful, just like some high-class cat!

We gave her Science Diet Original to eat, as we think it is the best cat food going. Missy gobbled up an entire bowl in no time at all. We gave her a second bowl of Science Diet, and she finished that one off, too.

Since, her belly felt very warm as it was still healing, and since she was so hungry, we realized that we had made the right and only decision to bring her home.

Missy will stay in the cage until she is really up to snuff. That shouldn’t be long, only a couple of days. Then she will be out and free to roam—but only within the safety and comfort of our home. Missy was a great mother and deserves only the very best.

Missy’s kittens are still with Dr. Rafael as they are not yet old enough to be neutered. One woman has said she is interested, and we hope she shows up to take her pick of the litter. In any event, we will continue to visit Dr. Rafael until all of Missy’s kittens find a good home.


Missy and Moss

Missy and Moss

Here is a photo of Missy (left) and Moss on the chair with me. See how much weight Missy has put on! She’s living the life of luxury, stuffing herself with food. and all her six kittens were adopted. Missy deserves it. When she first came to our house, she had a broken leg, and a lot of trouble walking. We tried to catch her with the help of Dr. Rafael, but, even with the broken leg, she was to fast. Dr. Rafael told us that cats with such injuries often heal themselves.

Then Missy got pregnant, and had her six kittens at our place. Poor Missy with six kittens! Jim fed her and the kittens and made sure they were OK. During this time, Missy became very appreciative, rubbing up against Jim’s leg. Soon she became tame and affectionate. Now, she is getting what she so well deserves—a good life. See how much weight she has put on in the photo, below!

8 comments to Missy and her six kittens – Chapter 2

  • Thanks for the interesting comments, Rene. Will check it out.
    God Bless,

  • Love the new addition to your extended family!!! I have to say, Science Diet or ANY Hills brand is top 3 worst food made for pets.. ( my ex GF is a Vet Oncologist) she says Hills is horrible.. ( Hills helps finance vets threw school btw) instead consider going to Petsmart and getting a food called Castor and Pollux Organix. they key is feeding Organic to your cats, they make kibble and canned.. See my ex gf makes $$$ off of cancer and that crap science diet is full of horrible ingredients….. compare them yourself you will see 😉

  • Curious:
    That’s a Bengal!
    God Bless,

  • curious

    what’s the breed of the cat on yr right?

  • animal lover

    These cats are just huge!!!!!!
    their beautiful indeed!

  • Patty:

    Thanks for asking. Here is a photo of Missy (right) and Moss on the chair with me. See how much weight Missy has put on! She’s living the life of luxury, and all her six kittens were adopted.

    Missy and Moss

    God Bless,

  • Patty

    Hi Maryann,
    if u have the chance, take a pic of Missy? love to see how she’s doing.

  • Tammy

    Just precious! Please take a photo of Missy when she puts on weight. We would love to see her.
    btw- I love your blog. It’s getting expensive living here in Idaho. The cold weather eats up a big chunk of our earnings.
    Mexicali sounds affordable to us.
    I signed up for your spanish class, to jumpstart our plans!
    keep up the great work MaryAnn!

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