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The second anniversary of my Tarlov cyst operation

100+ degress F

This September marks the second anniversary of my Tarlov cyst surgery. Wheee!

I can attend to all the chores in the home, even lifting shopping bags out of the truck, but I will not touch heavy items. I am back to my old self, with energy. Now, I load up on Vitamins, especially Vitamin B12, which is a must for back surgery folks.

My S1 nerve, damaged by the Tarlov cyst, appears to be getting stronger, but it will never be the same again. It never is for back surgery folks unless they kid themselves by taking opiates so they feel no pain.  I always feel either slight discomfort or none with my S1 nerve which is at the bottom of my spine (and at the bottom of yours too).

After all, it is a nerve, and of course, I sometimes overdo errands, bending over and stretching my lower back. Ouch! I have to lie down and recover with Aleve or Lyrica for the throbbing to stop. I’ll tell you folks, Lyrica is a godsend nerve pill. I hope with time, they will come up with an even better nerve pill, but Lyrica is great. Add in Soma, which is a muscle relaxant, and I’m in pretty good shape.

The Mexicali summers are just draining on those who have back problems. It has been over 110 degrees F for the past couple of weeks, and even in the 100s at night.

With the heat, I just have to hunker down. The laundry can wait. I really need to be in an air-conditioned room; 75 F is my perfect temperature. I hate loud noise and any sort of problems. I express myself better blogging than talking.

It’s the “standing position” that I have problems with. Walking non-stop in Wal-Mart is not a problem, but to browse is still a problem, as my weight is on my right side, while my S1 nerve controls my left leg.  So, for Tarlov cyst survivors, we are looking at handicap scooters and wheelchairs. I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Too depressing even to think of. Yup!

I was telling Jim and Matthew about the time I knocked the back of my head really really hard. So hard that I thought I was going to have a concussion. That was in 1993, 18 years ago!  I recall clearly that soon afterwards, a week or so, I was having a snooze on the couch. When I woke up, I found I could not move! Jim called an ambulance, and I wound up in the emergency ward. Strangely, after four hours, I could move my fingers, and slowly and my body came back to life and I could talk!

The doctors claim they don’t know what causes a Tarlov cyst. I think that the bump on the back of my head was the cause. A Tarlov cyst is filled with spinal fluid, and I think I jarred loose some of that spinal fluid when I hit my head.

I had never had back pain or any kind of pain until 1996. That year, I started having neck pains, and the rest is history!

So for those doctors, or Tarlov cyst survivors who are reading my blog, this is my story on how I got my two Tarlov cysts!

In my case, I have fully recovered, brand new, just that my S1 nerve at the base of my spine where the cysts were cannot be pressured.  I keep a small cutting board in the front seat of our truck, as leaning on something solid and hard  is the best thing for my back.

It frustrates me that I cannot do vigorous exercises. Hey, I did the high hurdles in High School! However, I really do try to look at the glass as being half-full.

With the aid of Vitamin B12, my torso is strong, my legs are powerful, as Vitamin B12 helps in nerve repair! The sublingual type, often called Methyl B12 goes straight to the spinal nerves. Incredible, but true.

Here comes the commercial. I have tried many brands of sublingual Methyl B12, but the best one by far is on Amazon. It’s from Wonder Laboratories and got all 5-star reviews on Amazon. Read the reviews. Almost everyone that wrote the reviews for this brand of Methyl B12 has had a back operation or serious nerve problems.

If you’ve got anything like what I’ve got, try it and let me know what you think!

7 comments to The second anniversary of my Tarlov cyst operation

  • Charlie

    I have also had Spine surgery.
    The doctor fused C-2,3,4 because of herniated disks and arthritis. I had been in a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck and was losing the feeling in my hands.
    I found a Spine Specialist that agrees that more surgery would be very detrimental to my health. I will agree that the surgery made me worse. So a daily regime of opiates, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflamitories, is how I live everyday( fun huh).
    I’m going to try the vit B12, and will keep you posted. Thanks!

  • Happy

    Congratulations! Wow. I just returned to your site, n you have new stuff…which works for me.
    My husband n I have no insurance, pretty tough. but if i can order my meds here, that works for me!!->

  • Ashley

    I just had back surgery, last year, and I have kept up with your recovery posts. I have just placed my order for the Vitamin B12.
    That’s great that you are informing me about it! I will keep you posted on how it works!
    Best Wishes

  • Phillip:
    It’s tough, but for us Mexicali is worth it. The price is right, and we are in Calexico in ten minutes.
    God Bless,

  • Phillip

    I’ve been going to Mexicali for the past 2 1/2 years driving from Newport Beach, to visit my girlfriend. I really don’t do anything until later in the summer evening because it’s so hot. How do you manage to live during the day in such extreme climate?

  • Sandra: I think the back of the head does worse damage, at least to the spine, since it’s closer to the spine. I have thought a lot about this over the years. I am convinced that that bump I took probably loosened some spinal fluid which traveled down my spine and caused two cysts. At the time, even though I was paralyzed for a while, I thought nothing of it, as the paralysis left quickly. Little did I know…
    Thanks for the buy.
    God Bless,

  • Sandar

    It makes absolute sense on how people get tarlov cysts! a severe bang to the back of the head.
    I wonder what the outcome would be if it was a bang to the front of the head?

    btw- I placed my meds order! Thank You so much!

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