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The best medications and vitamins for nerve problems, and Tarlov cysts

The Mexicali heat was getting to my S1 nerve where Dr. Maya operated on my two Tarlov cysts. Nerve pain can be caused by irritation of the nerve or nerve damage.

In my case, the Tarlov cyst had been exerting painful pressure on the S1 nerve at the bottom of my spine for over ten years. First came the neck pain, next the back pain, and then came the operation. Now I am two years out of the operation, and it can take up to three years for the damaged nerve to recover—as best it can.

To cope with the post-operative pain, Jim and I went to our primary care physician, Dr. Arturo. I informed Dr Arturo that my lower back was throbbing with pain. I told Dr. Arturo what medication I was taking, but when the medication wore off, the pain returned.

Dr Arturo told us that after every back surgery, patients will feel pain in those areas that have been operated on.

“The surgeon can take away the original reason for back surgery, but, for the patient, of course you, will have pain in the area,” said Dr. Arturo in Spanish.

“Do I need anything more to be done to it Dr?’ I asked “No no…,” Dr Arturo replied, shaking his finger.

Dr Arturo prescribed another nerve medication, Naproxion, to be taken together with my usual Lyrica (the best nerve medicine of all).

Regardless of the cause of the nerve pain, most people describe it with a similar set of words:

”    Burning
”    Tingling
”    Shooting
”    Sharp
”    Stabbing
”    Prickling
”    Throbbing

Nerve pain varies in intensity. It can feel like mildly bothersome like pins and needles or the pain may be severe and nearly unbearable. Nerve pain may be localized (felt at the site of the nerve damage) or referred (felt somewhere else in the body).

Since it now two years since my operation my nerve pain will be my partner for life—it’s only a question of how much pain that will be.

With medication and vitamins, I almost have the pain under control. Of course, I can still feel a little discomfort, while the medications are working.  But at least, I have re-claimed 90% of my life back.

The vitamin B group and vitamin C are also great help. The vitamins have energized me, and helped me have a stronger torso. The upside is that now I have great posture!

Here is what I take:

Vitamin B1, sublingual, called Sublingual Coenzymated B-1 goes directly into your bloodstream in its active form—no need for a “normal” vitamin B1 (thiamine) IV shot. Taking coenzymated vitamin B1 avoids the loss that may occur not only during digestion, but during the liver’s conversion process as well.

Vitamin B6 CoEnzymate B-1 Sublingual 16 mg is also important. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Methylcobalaminvitamin B12 (what a great vitamin!)—this is sublingual, the kind that works. I take 5,000mcg, which is 5 mg. This form of B12 is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and goes directly to the nerves in your back-just what I needed.

Methylcobalamin is the form of B-12 active in the central nervous system. It is excellent for the nervous system.

You can find all this stuff on Amazon.

Because it helps with your energy, it’s a great product to use when you are trying to lose weight. I have lost over 30 pounds in the last three months, which is great for my back.

With my medications, and these vitamins, I am as good as it gets!

3 comments to The best medications and vitamins for nerve problems, and Tarlov cysts

  • Usted no tendría dudas si me conoció.
    El mejor lugar para comenzar es con el Dr. Rosas. Él es el médico que hizo todos los arreglos para mi operación de quiste de Tarlov. Su dirección es la siguiente.
    Dr. Arturo Rosas Garcia
    AVE. 2 DE OCTUBRE 19
    21210 Mexicali, BC
    Tel: (686) 565-9401
    From USA (011-520 686-144-2202 cell


    *Tengo algunas dudas:

    1.-Nombre completo del médico que operó los Quistes de Tarlov

    2.-Nombre comercial de las vitaminas del complejo B que tomas, las sublinguales no las conozco

    3.-Efectividad del acido alfa lipóico y linolénico para regenración del nervio 

    Muchas gracias por la respuesta 


  • Elaine

    thank you for your post! just reading it has given hope as to how i can keep my nerves under control! I’m counting the days for my vitamins!!!
    best wishes always!

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