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Mexicali in October

We are having great October weather in Mexicali, finally!  It’s in the eighties during the day, and fifties at night.

There are plans to install 11 earthquake monitoring sensors in the Mexicali and Tijuana after our 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2010.

Finally!  U.S.  and Mexican officials said the monitoring equipment is critical so scientists can identify the worst-hit areas within minutes after a quake and tell authorities where to send emergency crews.

We are seeing an increase in crime here, like in the US. This is due certainly to the US recession.

Mexicali Mayor Tejada

Mexicali Mayor Tejada

Many Mexicans have and are returning from the U.S.  In addition, lower demand from the U.S.  for goods, has caused many local factory workers their jobs.  We are seeing more houses for sale and/or for rent in Mexicali than ever.

The mayor of Mexicali, Francisco Perez Tejada, is feeling apprehensive about his own safety in Mexicali.  The growing violence in the city has him fearing for his life.  After a presentation at the University of Baja California, Tejada expressed his concerns.  He says he reinforced his security and that of his public safety officer.

Tejada says the recent murder of a real estate agent and other violent crimes has him terrified.  Mexicali residents are being cautious, and neighborhood watches are being set up.

On the upside, we attended a concert, the famous Puerto Rican singer, Chayanne, came to Mexicali, concert.
I am now a big fan of Chayanne—don’t think Jim is.  Chayanne is a great singer, and entertainer.

Here’s a clip.

5 comments to Mexicali in October

  • Sasha

    Thanks a lot for sharing the video to us. It’s really a wonderful music, I really love Mexican music

  • Christina

    Chayanne is soooooo gorgeous!!!

    So glad u guys are covering him.

  • Rinaldo

    Moving to the US- good move, like Alaska. The Mayor sounds like he really messed up.

  • Simon68

    Thanks for giving us the headup, re: mexicali crime.
    Let’s hope the Mayor did the right thing!
    Best that he moved to the US.

  • Tania R

    I visit my folks in Mexicali every couple of months. I took this chance to attend the Chayanne concert. He was in the US movie, ‘Dance with me’, with actress Venassa Williams.
    I seriously think he’s a much better singer than Enrique Iglisius!

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