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The best tacos are at AsaderoTecolote Mocorito!

Asadero Tecolote Mocorito

Asadero Tecolote Mocorito

Jim and I are great fans of boxing.

Since we could not get to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marguez fight at home, we decided to go to the best taco restaurant in the whole of Mexicali (maybe the world), to watch the fight and eat tacos.

Matthew has also acquired a taste for tacos, and decided to come.  I think he didn’t want to be left alone in the house.

The taco restaurant, called Asadero Tecolote  Mocorito (tecolote is Spanish for “Owl”) is always full of patrons.  This fight night was even more important for Mexicans, as Marquez, is a fighter from Mexico City, but now resides in Anaheim, California.

Everyone was shouting for Marquez to beat Pacquiao, and after the 12 rounds, we all applauded, as Marquez had put up a great fight. Manny Pacquiao was voted as the winner by the judges, and the Mexicali patrons at Tecolote booed the result.

Getting back to the tacos, Tecolote is like an open-air restaurant, by that I mean it has no doors. Tecolote has a great feel to it. You enter, on the left are the cooks, stirring up the best beef and pork tacos for everyone.

Tecolote has a full team of taqueros, which means cooks who do the job of making tacos—all neatly organized, ready for the orders of different types of tacos, meat, beans, pork, tripe-whatever you want. This is what a traditional and professional taqueria setup is all about.

There is a huge menu of other items, as well, and people order all sorts of food choices. I saw a lady chow down on a grilled potato, stuffed with carne asada and melted hot cheese over it.

At another table, there were patrons eating the same as us- carne asada con tacos de harina – that’s flour taco.  Jim likes maiz tacos, tacos made out of corn!

Another patron had a huge order of quesadillas, dripping with melted cheese-hot flour tacos stuffed with hot cheese!

The condiments are all lined up, neatly. All kinds of salsas are available! There’s one that even has a ‘warning sign’ on the habaniera (Havana) sauce—extra hot!  There are individual bowls of  creamy guacamole, cucumbers, carrots, white onions, diced cabbage, all available—for free!

The way the chefs cook the beef, and pork, including the hot tacos, is in my opinion—impossible for me to replicate!

While we are there, I had 4 beef flour tacos, which I piled high with the salsas—well, they are free.  I lift my paper plate, and chow down on the huge stuffed taco! Just writing about it is making me hungry!

The lady boss at Tecolote gave me an “official” sweater, with the ‘Tecolote’ name on it, and an owl on the back of the sweater.  She knows I just love the tacos she offers!

Whenever I wear the Tecolote sweater, Jim loves to say, “My wife just won the contest—she is now officially, ‘Miss Tecolote!'”

The best horchata drinks are also available at Tecolote.  So, we wash down our tacos with horchata, sit and wait for awhile, before we decide to order a large order of hot quesadillas. Can’t just do tacos, we have to have the other dishes at Tecolote as well.

Cachanillas, which means people from Mexicali really know where to go for the best tacos!

By the way, this restaurant has the special blue light, installed specially, to zap any germs away.

How cool is that? Mondays Tecolote is closed.

Asadero Tecolote Mocorito
Rio Mocorito No. 800 at Rep. de Ecuador
Mexicali, B.C.

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