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Thanksgiving in El Centro

Thanksgiving back in olden times - 1942

Thanksgiving back in olden times - 1942

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner given by our friends in El Centro.  Jim, Matthew and I brought two bottles of wine from Mexicali for them.

Edward greeted us at the front door, ”Well, I’m so glad to see y’all…Stella is puttin’ the finishing touches to the 17 pound turkey”.  Edward is Jim’s classmate, who is also a pawnbroker, and business has been great.

At the dinner table, we had a spread of turkey, salads, cooked yams with walnuts, green bean casserole, baked rolls, fruit salad, mashed potatoes with a side of gravy and minced pies!  And then, a home-made cake, chocolate with whipped cream stuffing all rolled up together and hot coffee to finish things up.

With dinner over, we all gathered in the living room, stuffed and relaxed.  ”Glad to hear you are doin’ well with your pawnshop Ed,” said Jim.

“Yup, business is way up.  People are just real desperate these days!” said a happy Ed.  “Great time to be a pawnbroker!”

“I just had my new glasses made, see nice huh?” chimed in Stella.

‘How much?” I asked.

“Only $350, for non-scratch and progressive lenses…I got them at the mall…good price,” said Stella.

‘You say, ‘only’$350,’ wow!  I have forgotten how expensive things are here in the USA!” I said.  ”I could get two pair for that price, and even less.”

“Where?” asked Stella.

“Well, in Los Algodones, for starters,” I replied.

“Gosh, yes, even in Mexicali,” added Matthew.

”We’re all goin’ on a vacation for Christmas this year.  Our five girls and ourselves.  Tickets are costin’ me well over $9,000,” sighed Ed.

‘We’re going to Columbia, I’m so excited, haven’t seen my family for 25 years!” answered Stella.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

“Do they have tacos and burritos down in Columbia?” I asked.

“Are you kiddin?  Tacos mean explosives and burritos mean donkeys!” laughed Stella.

“Really, thought they had the same menu,” said Matthew.

“No, no…We are all very different,” answered Stella.

“Sofia Vergara!  She’s from Columbia, and she is the most beautiful woman I’ve seen,” blurted out Matthew.

“Erhhh…she’s more Caribbean if you ask me.  She’s from Barranquilla, up in northern Columbia, near the Caribbean,” said Stella, sternly.  “I’m from Medillin-second largest city, three million people, in Columbia!” ”You’re on a gold roll here Ed,” smiled Jim.

“Don’t know for how long.  If and when any riots start, we are off and runnin’ to the mountains, armed to the gills my friend,” answered an unhappy looking Ed.  ”All good things must end somewhere!” he continued.

”Forget the mountains—you can join us in Mexicali.  We’ll help fix you all up,” smiled Jim.

”That’s right!  I might just take you up on your offer.  I know many Americans are leaving for Guanajuato, San Miguel and them there places.”

“Yes, but they can’t beat Mexicali!” I answered with a big smile.  “Can those folks in the middle of Mexico be in the US of A in ten minutes like we can?  Can they shop at a real American Wal-Mart?  Can they watch American football? Can they get their mail at a real American post office? Can they get cranberry jelly? Can they buy a 17 pound turkey?”

“Yeah! Ain’t that what America, turkey and Thanksgiving is all about!” exclaimed Matthew, standing up and placing his hand over his heart.

“You damn tootin’ right,” responded Ed.

Geez, we could see the tears in Ed’s eyes.

So we finished on a high note.

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