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How we spent our 2011 Christmas vacation in the Sierra Madre II

A storm was coming on at the camp

A storm was coming on at the camp

Continued from last post…

Doing their best to change the subject, Jim and Matthew went to see one of the cabins. It was large and surprisingly well appointed with four bedrooms and a very nice kitchen.

“Maybe this place is legit, after all,” whispered Jim to Matthew.

Armando, who was right behind them, asked, “What did you say?”

“Nice place,” replied Jim in an unsteady voice.

“That’ll be two hundred dollars for the night,” barked Armando.

“Oh, I don’t have enough money on me for that,” answered Jim.

Herman, who had just entered the cabin said, “No?” He continued, “You can sleep for nothing under the trees. Do you have a gun?”

“No, I …,” gasped Jim.

Then Herman, playing good cop said, “No, no. Don’t worry. We are friends. We will get drunk together. Do you have beer?”

“Nope,” said Jim, “but we have a bottle of Mount Gay Rum, which we brought to keep ourselves warm—just in case.”
“Gay rum,” laughed Armando, “what kind of a caballero are you?”

Jim and Matthew laughed weakly. Mentioning the rum had been a calculated risk. Getting drunk with these guys was the best and probably only chance of making friends with them, but it was equally likely to make them more dangerous, belligerent, and unpredictable.

Matthew ran out to the truck and returned with the rum.

Herman and Armando each took a big swig, and then another big swig each, and then another, alternating until the bottle of rum was empty. They both nodded in satisfaction.

Things were looking good.

Armando then brought out a whole case of Tecate beer from their truck.

Jim and Matthew were stunned as, from a paper bag, Herman and Armando shook out handfuls of what looked to be cocaine and gulped it down with the beer.

Things were not looking good.

They gave a couple of beers to Jim and Matthew, and held out the bag to them. “Take some,” said Armando.

Jim reached into the bag and pretended to take a little hoping that he and Matthew could be regular amigos with the two.

Still, Armando seemed suspicious and he gave an ice cold stare at Jim and Matthew. “Are you really alone and unarmed?”

“Why, shucks, yes,” answered Jim.

“What are you doing here?” asked Herman.

“Just enjoying our Christmas vacation,” answered Matthew.

“Here?” said Armando.

Jim cleared his throat, “Yes, and we are also writing an Internet blog called Mexicali MaryAnn.”

Armando interrupted, “Internet? Blog? We ain’t got no Internet blog here. You think we are stupid? What is a blog?”

Jim answered, “Why it’s just an article written on the Internet. We came here to write about what a nice place you have here.”

“What is a blog?”

“It’s an article written on the Internet.”

“Where is your passport?” asked Herman.

Jim showed him his passport.

Herman looked through Jim’s passport, then looked up and asked, “Where is your tourist permit? You are a foreigner and you gotta have permission to enter this country. When I was in Texas, the f……g gringos threw me out. Where is your permit?”

“Why we are very sorry about that…” said Matthew.

Fortunately, Jim had his tourist permit, and handed quickly it to Herman.

Both Herman and Armando scrutinized the tourist permit.

Armando looked up. His eyes were fierce and crazy. He moved up to Jim’s face and shouted out, “Are you a terrorist? How do we know you’re not a terrorist? You got a gun?”

to be continued…

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