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Our 2012 Chinese New Year’s lunch at Yum Yum’s

The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon

The past posts were a major experience for us!  Teach us a lesson to visit Durango and get lost in the “Deliverance” Mexican wilderness!

After our safe return back to Mexicali and recovering our sanity, we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year with our two young friends at Calexico’s Yum Yum’s Chinese restaurant.

This year, 2012, is an auspicious year.  It is the Year of the Water Dragon.  The last time this year came about was in 1952.

The Dragon year represents a symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. Therefore, people born in the Dragon year are to be honored and respected. It’s a year where the world, especially China, will see a huge boost of babies!  Billions of Chinese want Dragon Babies!

We crossed the border to Calexico with Alex and Ali, who are Americans, but who just happen to work in their family’s restaurant in Mexicali.

Alex and his sister, Ali, both in their late 20s, are San Diego State graduates, but due to family pressure, they had to return home to help their parents in their family-run menudo business. At least they’re working!

At Yum Yum’s, we placed large orders of fried rice, beef noodles, egg foo yung, and spring rolls—all washed down with hot Chinese tea.

“So how was Durango?” asked Alex with a smile.

“A nightmare—Jim read the map wrong, and we made the wrong turn!” I said.

‘No kiddin?” said Ali. “We told you guys to visit Cabo, and you go to Durango!”

“Eh yeah…” answered Matthew, “We watched the movie called The treasure of the Sierra Madre and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Let’s not spoil this wonderful lunch, it’s the Year of the Dragon!” I chimed in.

“So did you all watch the CNN Republican debates?” asked Alex.

“We sure did!” replied Jim.  “That there Newt Gingrich is gonna win the nomination.  Romney’s too rich to understand poor folks!”
laughed Jim.

“Did you know that Sarah Palin has already endorsed Newt?” said Ali, putting more food onto her plate.

“Really?  In that case, if Newt wins the Presidency, he will make her Secretary of Whatever in return”, I said.

“You’re right, I never thought of that,” said Alex.

“Whatever it is, we don’t need more wars and debt. That’s just gonna make life difficult for our kids,” said Jim, piling on more fried rice and egg foo yung. Those Dems and Republicans are all the same now. I’m here reading a book by Kitty Kelly about the Bushes.”
said Jim. “It’s the same old story about how our politicians are getting richer, while riding herd on our backs!” growled Jim.

“It’s a wonderful book—I bought it on Amazon!” I said.

“But, now I am going to feng shui our home—you know put the furniture and stuff in the Chinese way for good luck and stuff.  Check this book out,” I said, showing my Feng Shui book, called Feng Shui that Makes Sense.

“This is our next project—the Year of the Dragon has already started for me!” I smiled.

With that said, lunch was over and we drove straight back to Mexicali.

5 comments to Our 2012 Chinese New Year’s lunch at Yum Yum’s

  • Tom

    hey Jim…I think the GOP is gonna choose Mitt Romney.
    Newt didn’t do well at the Florida debate, and he doesn’t look ‘presidential’ at all.
    bwt- love reading about u guys, looks like it’s way cheaper for americans to live in Mexico now.

  • We go to Yum Yum’s in Calexico because they serve dried beef with FLAT noodles. Don’s see those noodles in Mexicali. Also we are good friends with the owner and his family who work right in the restaurant.
    God Bless,

  • Zerkmxl

    With so many great chinese restaurants in Mexicali, why would you go to Yum Yum in Calexico? 🙂

  • Betty D

    I’m so glad that all of you came back home safely. Only you would do this kind of thing.
    Yes, about the US elections, I am terrified about what is happening.
    I am a babyboomer, just got laid off, and am very concerned about what to do. They gave me a early retirement pension, but maybe I can live more affordably in Mexicali than I can here in Illinois, the property taxes are killing me!
    Betty D

  • Edward P

    If Newt comes in, or any of them GOP fellas, the US might just have to fight Iran.
    I hope these twits in office know what they are doing, as you know, they are all for the friends in “big business”!!!
    I would stick by with Obama. Better the devil you know than the devil we don’t know.
    Love your posts, my wife and are seriously considering moving to Mexico, as it is too expensive for us to stay in America. Isn’t that a sad state of affairs?
    Edward P
    Seattle, WA

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