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Baja California Wineries

Guadalupe Valley

Guadalupe Valley

We love wines.  Reds, whites and rosés.  And we are not wine experts, but we know a good tasting wine when we find one.

Two winemakers in Baja California have been named as the top two wine makers in the region.

They are the winners of the Eduardo Liceaga Campos Memorial Award, and there’s been a tie between 2 wineries.

The Eduardo Liceaga Campos Memorial Award has been given for the last eight years, and this is the first time there has been a tie.
The Wine Persons of the Year for 2012 are Anthony Escalante, of Roganto Winery, and Christoph Gartner, of Vinisterra Winery—both from Baja California.

Roganto Winery is churning out many of the best wines in Baja California.  A super Merlot dated 2009 has just come out.  Roganto is opening up a 2nd winery in the Guadalupe valley. Roganto Winery is based now in Ensenada.

Not to be outdone, Vinisterra Winery makes great Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vinisterra Winery is located in San Antonia de Las Minas, opened from 12pm—4pm, for wine-tasting.

Vinisterra Winery has been known to make the best Tempranilla in the whole of Mexico and Spain.

Tempranilla is the name of a special variety of black grape that is used in Spain to make red wines.  This black grape is available in Baja California.

One of the founding fathers of Baja wines is Eduardo Liceaga, and his winery is called Vina’ de Liceaga in the Guadalupe Valley.  Born in Mexico City, Eduardo Liceaga was a civil engineer.  Liceaga was awarded the 2007 Person of the Year in Guadalupe Valley.

With all this information, Jim, Matthew and I are headed off to these two wineries!  Some wine-tasting and a full belly of tacos con carne asada.

If you want to see a beautiful valley filled with wineries, the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California can match anything found in California-and the Guadalupe Valley is just a short and beautiful drive, less than an hour from the California border.

3 comments to Baja California Wineries

  • Ron: Thanks for the kind words. When you get down this way, send us an email. Visited your page – interesting stuff. Matthew? He comes and goes.
    God Bless,

  • Ron

    Hi, MaryAnn. Great blog. Lots of good info. I used to live in Mexicali in Colonia Nueva. Now that I am drawing a pension I am thinking about moving back.

    I am also a writer. website info I entered is to my author’s page on Amazon.

    Would enjoy having coffee with you guys at Sinapsis one day!

    And when did Matthew move there? I looked for a post about it but didn’t find one in the archives…did I miss it?

    Take care.

  • Regina R

    Maryann, yes!!! we get our wines from the Oxxo stores in Mexicali. Taste great and cheap!!!
    People should Know about Baja Wines@#! their just awesome tasting!
    Regina R
    Imperial Valley, CA

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