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Kim Kardashian’s Mexicali Billboard

Mexicali's Kim Kardashian Billboard

Mexicali's Kim Kardashian Billboard

We were waiting in line to cross the Mexicali border into US-Calexico, when Jim noticed a huge billboard with the reality star, Kim Kardashian wearing a bikini, in it.

“Well lookie here, MaryAnn, here’s your favorite gal!” grinned Jim.

“Who? What? where?…” I said, anxiously.

“Right there, on your left!” Jim’s smile was getting bigger.

“Kim Kardashian?… she’s not my favorite gal,” I puffed.

“You watch The Kadashians all the time on the television,” said Jim.

“Yes you do, yes you do, MaryAnn!” chimed in Matthew from the back seat of the truck.

“So what? There’s nothing else to watch on TV, except sports,” I answered.

“I read that Kim Kardashian is going to sue this plastic surgeon for taking her photo and using it on his poster,” said Matthew.

“It translates from Spanish to English, “Don’t risk your beauty or your health,” said Jim starring at the billboard.

You can’t help but stare at Kim Kardarshian’s breasts, I thought.

“Stop staring at the billboard, Jim!” I said.

Since we were in line for the U.S. border and the truck was stopped, Matthew jumped out of the truck, climbed up into the back to take a picture of the poster.

“Matthew! You get back into this truck,” I yelled out the window. Matthew scrambled back into the truck, saying, “Got it!”

“If you ask me that’s the best advertisement for Dr. Victor Ramirez, if Kim Kardashian wants to sue him, he’s gotta be good!” laughed Matthew.

“Yeah,” added Jim, “That there Kim Kardashian is giving away millions of dollars in publicity to that doctor by suing him—wish she would sue me, right Matthew?”

“You betchem,” answered Matthew.

“I don’t know what Kim Kardashian is complaining about, it’s not like Kimmy hasn’t had any plastic surgery. She had that huge nose of her chopped down to size, her hairline lasered further up her head, and her breasts done,” I said.

“MaryAnn, your fangs are showing, honey. And how do you know all these things anyway?” said Jim, with his eyes twinkling.

“I read them somewhere. Hummmm.” I replied.

”MaryAnn’s just having a bad hair day, more like many more bad hair weeks, since that babbling hairstylist lopped off her fringe last week,” laughed Matthew.

“You know Dr. Victor Ramirez’s plastic surgery office is so convenient for people to visit. Just walk right across the border for a little nip and tuck.” I said, as Jim inched along the truck up, getting us a little closer to the US border.

“Did you know that Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t worry about ageing MaryAnn?” nudged on Matthew.

“Boy, that’s a stupid thing to say! Good for Dr. Ramirez, I am sure he will get a lot of business.” I said.

“Well, good luck to Kim Kardashian suing Dr. Ramirez-this here is Mexico, she ain’t gonna get a cent. All she done it for was get attention to that sign showing she ain’t no better lookin’ than a street hooker,” laughed Jim.

“Yeah,” answered Matthew, “She better sue somebody, because I heard the guy she married is suing her for seven million. She said she is donating $200,000 to charity to make it up to all those who gave her wedding presents—says it’s going to the Dream Foundation—dream on.”

“Matthew, where do you come up with this stuff?” I asked.

“C’mon MaryAnn, you know I was in show biz, and was on the cover of Digg Magazine.”

“Yeah, about 50 years ago,” cracked Jim.

“Forty,” answered Matthew. “I have been following the Kardashians for years. Kim’s dad, Robert, was a great friend of O. J. Simpson—as was her mom-heh heh. They say Kim Kardashian’s dad helped by hiding O. J.’s briefcase the night of the murder—walked right by the cops.”

“Folks, I heard just about all I can take about these here Kardashian folks. Get enough of them from you, MaryAnn, watchin’ em on TV and all that,” said Jim.

With that, the traffic inched forward and we waved good-bye to the billboard with Kim Kardashian pasted all over it. Little did we know at the time that the billboard would be taken down the next day.

Wonder if Kim Kardashian paid Dr. Ramirez for the whole thing.

March 31, 2012 update: We understand that not only has the billboard with Kim Kardashian been moved to another site in Mexicali, but that others are springing up, as well.

5 comments to Kim Kardashian’s Mexicali Billboard

  • faruki

    You’re right, she is beautiful!! I bet you are just linovg that camera!! I don’t have a full-frame but just going from my little xTi to my 7D was almost as big of a jump as going from my point and shoot to that first DSLR. So fun!

  • Kim’s ass is too big for that outfit? Kim and her ass are fine!!! Her body is csoler to a real woman’s than this unrealistic and unattractive skinny western standard the main stream keeps try to convince women they have to be. That’s why so many women of European descent suffer from needless eating disorders. Their negative body image is sad.

  • Jose Munos

    esto es muy divertido y una buena!
    Kim’s lawyers can drive around all over mexicali to look for her posters.
    esperamos verlos!

  • HappyEyes

    Dr Ramirez did my eyes, n he did a great job!#%#
    I’m glad he used Kim K’s photo to advertise his business. Kim K should use him for her future plastic surgeries.

  • FT

    just too funny/)=lol..i cannot stop laughing!

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