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Enrique Iglesias is coming to Mexicali!

Enrique Iglesias is coming to Mexicali for a major concert!

He will be performing here in Mexicali on Friday the 27th of April 2012 from 9:00pm.

The concert is part of the world tour Euphoria Tour, which is the name of his latest album, will be held at the Casas Geo Stadium also known as Estadio Nido de los Aguilas.

Tickets are now on sale from 8th march at the Hotel Ariza Inn and online at

Enrique Iglesias will be singing “Tonight (I’m Lovin ‘You)”, “I Like It” and “I Like” and classics like “kiss”.


  • General: $ 350 pesos
  • Preferred: $ 650 pesos
  • Field: $ 700 pesos
  • Allocated: $ 800 pesos
  • Boxes (Preferred / Tier Central): $ 1000 pesos
  • VIP box: $ 1500 pesos
  • Zone Platinum: $ 1500 pesos
  • Diamond Zone: $ 2350 pesos

I am a big fan of his dad, Julio, so Jim, Matthew, and I will be attending this concert as well.

“Hee Haw! I can’t wait!’ I said to Jim.

“He doesn’t come around often, and JLo wants him to do a tour with her Jim!”

“Simmer down, MaryAnn, you sound like a teenager!” answered Jim, looking up at me from his newspaper.

“Did I tell you both that I sang with his dad?” smiled Matthew.

“You never sung with his dad!” said Jim.

“Yes I did! You as well!” replied Matthew

“If you mean karaoke, Matthew, that doesn’t count!” I chipped in.

“Oh? Well, here goes…To all the girls I have before…” Matthew started singing.

“Who traveled in and out’a my door,” crooned Jim, sounding just like Willie Nelson.

“I’m glad they done come along, I dedicate this here song to all the girls I loved before…” continued Jim.

“Oh my goodness, you guys are good…Jim you sound just like Willie!” I said, startled at both of them.

“To all the girls I once caresses…” continued Matthew.

“OK, enough… but have you heard Enrique sing huh, huh???” I grinned.

“Oh he is just wonderful…” I continued.

Here folks, is Enrique Iglesias’s song, I know you want me. Enjoy!

Here’s how to get to the Estadio Nido de los Aguilas.

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2 comments to Enrique Iglesias is coming to Mexicali!

  • Zerkmxl

    That map is a bit off. Its easier to get into the parking lot via Calzada Cuauhtemoc/Aviacion….make a left at the Carl’s Jr while going south on Justo Sierra, just sayin’

  • te amor Enrique

    I luve this song!@ My family and I are all gonna go see Enrique!
    omg…Iam so excited about this concert!@!…te amor Enrique!!!!!!!!!!!!

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