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The Best Vet in Mexicali!

Dr. Rafael, the best veterinarian anywhere; he's close to the border, speaks English and has lived in Arizona! Click

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Medical tourism in Mexicali – a faster way

Mexicali's Medical Tourism Lane

Mexicali's Medical Tourism Lane

Mexicali is doing more to promote medical tourism by making it easier for medical tourists to reenter the U.S.

Starting April 30, medical tourists from the U.S. with the right documents will be able to avoid the approximate 1 ½ hour wait to cross back into the U.S.

The new lane is modeled on an established tourism lane at the San Ysidro Port of Entry linking Tijuana and San Diego.

However, because of some reported abuse when that a similar lane opened at the Tijuana-San Ysidro border crossing, Mexicali is requiring  doctors to sign a contract with the tourism board to ensure they only give passes to foreign patients who are crossing the border. Each pass will cost the doctors 50 pesos, or about $4.

With the cooperation of the U.S. Border Patrol, Mexicali has also set up a new lane on the Mexican side of the border for medical tourists. Using the medical tourist lane to reenter the U.S. will cut the waiting time down to around ten minutes.

This new lane is one part of the city’s plan to boost medical tourism by 50%.

The way the system works is that patients coming from the U.S. will be able to get a pass from Mexican doctors who are participating in the program. With the pass and the doctor’s receipt, a passport, and foreign license plates, there will be access to the medical tourist lane.

The reduction in border crossing time is only for those returning from Mexicali. There may still be delays from U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

Now Americans can take advantage of the great medical services available in Mexicali.

Mexicali is where my back condition was correctly diagnosed as being due to a Tarlov cyst—in the U.S., they never discovered the cyst. In Mexicali, the MRI technician spotted it immediately.  When I saw the MRI, myself, it was glaringly easy to see the Tarlov cyst—a large white spot on the MRI.

The operation to drain the cysts (I had two of them) was done in Mexicali. It cost a fraction of what it would have cost in the U.S. More importantly, the results of my operation were successful, where, in the U.S., the operation frequently fails.

This is due, in part, to the fact that my surgeon told me to spend a month in bed to heal properly. In the U.S. the post-operative technique for the Tarlov cyst operation is to dope  the patient up on addictive narcotic drugs. The patient then is happy, feels that everything is okay and moves around as normal—usually leading to scar tissue and a second operation and more money for the surgeon.

Even if you are insured in the U.S., paying a Mexicali doctor is less than what your co-pay would be back in the good old USA—and prescription drugs are much cheaper in Mexicali pharmacies. Again, what is really important, believe it or not, the doctors in Mexicali are better than what I could find in the U.S.

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  • admin

    The starting point is an appointment to Dr. Rosas, who will refer you to the proper specialist. The map to his office from Calexico is on our sit at Medical Tours to Mexicali. If you need assistance in setting it up, let us know.
    God Bless,

  • admin

    Yes, there is a rheumatology specialist in Mexicali. I will see if I can put you in touch directly or find out the pricing. On of our recent patient/visitors liked Mexicali so much that he now lives here. We found him a virtually new two-floor three bedroom house for $300 a month.
    God Bless,

  • Jim L'Homme

    Mary Ann was wondering if you could help me, I have had a change in my insurance coverage that would drastically increase cost in medical treatments that my wife receives for rheumatoid arthritis. I was wondering if you could be of assistance in recommending a Rheumatology specialist in Mexicali that I could consult with on pricing for treatments. I am really considering a relocation if a cheaper treatment can be found.


  • Sandra M

    My heaviest weight was 300 pounds. In 20 months, I have lost 150 pounds!
    I am so glad that I found you on the internet. This was the best gift I have given myself!
    Thank You for your wonderful support all the way!
    Talk to you soon!
    Sandra M
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Trudy J

    I have a family history of diabetes, hypertension. If I did not lose the weight I was going to have major medical problems. Before this surgery, I was exhausted all the time and had no energy to do anything. The surgeon put me at ease, told me I would be ok.
    I am now 85lbs lighter, I look different, it’s so surreal, I can’t believe it’s me? but it is. My blood pressure is back to normal, and my energy is back.
    I just had to follow the dos and don’ts from the surgeon!
    Many thanks to you MaryAnn, for organizing everything. It was totally stress-free for me, which was very important before my surgery!
    sincerely yours,
    Trudy J

  • Megan

    I am looking for a good plastic surgeon. Could you recommend a really good and qualified one for me.
    I am interested in a TT and a BJ. The surgeons that i have seen here are quoting prices that are way out of my price range.
    thanks so much!
    Taos, NM

  • Brian E

    Hi MaryAnn,

    My wife and I just want to thank you for all the transport services that you have provided for us, and your kind support!
    Connie has lost 60lbs, and counting, since her surgery!
    She’s getting thinner everytime I turn around.
    She’s being a good girl and is listening and following everything the Dr told her! She has no discomfort at all! This guy’s just great!
    Connie is looking beautiful!!!!!
    Connie and I will keep you posted on how she is doing.
    Thank You again, for all the comfort and kindness you folks have shown us.
    There would be no way we would have made it into Mexicali, without you guys!
    God Bless,
    Brian and Connie E

  • Alicia M

    Dear Maryann,

    I read from the comments that you have a great gastric bypass surgeon in Mexicali?

    I am desperately looking for one, that I know will do a fantastic job for me.

    I will send you my particulars. This is super information!
    Thank You!
    Alicia M
    Peoria, Ill

  • Rob


    Hi! I have been posting here on and off again for some time and have some news. Last Tuesday 5/8 I finally visited Los Algodones and was amazed at how reasonable it was to have two pairs of progressive glasses made and to stock up on gout and BP meds. I also sought out an estimate for having dental work done and am returning this Tuesday 5/15 to start having some done. I think you are doing such a great service with this website – in these trying times, it is so important to have an option other than paying US prices for health, dental and optical. I tip off my digital hat to you. Rob A. Phoenix, Arizona

  • Rob


    Hi! I have been posting here on and off again for some time and have some good news finally! Last Tuesday 5/8, I finally visited Los Algodones and was amazed at how inexpensive it was to have two pairs of progressive glasses made and to stock up on gout and BP meds. I also sought out an estimate for some dental work and will be returning this coming Tuesday 5/15 for a root canal and fillings and etc. I think you are doing such a great service by having this website – it’s great that you are letting those who are interested know that there is an option other than paying US prices for medical, dental, and optical! I tip off my digital hat to you, Rob A. Phoenix, Arizona

  • Jordan:
    I have a great gastric bypass surgeon. You can send personal info via our contact form.
    God Bless,

  • CJ:
    No, Mexicali is not a touristy town. But it’s great for doctors and dentists. Soon we will be setting up a referral service.
    God Bless,

  • JordonT

    Dear MaryAnn,
    I hope that you can help me. Can you recommend me a good gastric-bypass surgeon? I want a new life and I hope that you will be able to assist me> The surgeons that I have seen here are asking for a lot of money, I can’t afford them.
    I will also send you a personal e-mail about myself.
    Jordan T
    Whittier, CA

  • CJ

    Maryann – I sure like your blog! I remember as a kid going to Tijuana each time we hit San Diego. I haven’t been back since A kid. I remember fun clothing stands and trinkets to negotiate prices with the locals, fun little hole in the walls to eat at and some good pastry shops. Does Mexicali have similar things?

    Thanks, CJ

  • OKmeback

    Maryann- update us on your back!great article, and makes Mexicali a great med tourist center!!!

  • Albert G

    Dear Maryann,
    thank you for this wonderful information. My wife has state 1 breast cancer, and we are coming down to visit and oncologist in Mexicali. She gets ill sitting in the car for too long, and this news is super, as I can drive in the medical tourism lane, right up to the US border, calexico check-point.
    Thank You so much for this information, and also to the Mexicali authorities, for their kind understanding of sick patients, being too long in the heat, in their vehicles!
    God bless indeed,
    Albert G
    Eugene, Oregon

  • Tim W

    Thank you so much for this great information! this is very gratifying to read, and comforting to know that the Mexicali authorities are taking an inituative to help us folks to visit Mexicali, with a better peace of mind. I know that my wife, and a few of our friends will be visiting Mexicali soon. We hope to meet you, Jim and Matthew too.
    God Bless you, Maryann!
    Tim and Sandra W
    Austin, Texas

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